Monday, September 19, 2011

Video finally. dressage practice test, take 1!

I finally got a video of Steady and I working.  (disclaimer: if you are easily sea sick this video was taken my eight year old.  So watch at your own risk.  There you have been warned so no need to complain about the quality.  She did a pretty good job though.)  I am so so so happy with the progress we have made.  I feel I have event camp to thank for all of it.  So I would say it was definitely worth the money.  In all the lessons I have taken I don't feel like I have gotten more out all of them combined as I did camp.  I have Dorothy Crowell to thank for the lovely improvement in my ability to get Steady to work better, stepping under himself and starting to do 'real' dressage.  And Peter Atkins to thank for the 100% improvement in my jumping position(that to come in the next video post.)  I would like more stretching up and over and having a more rounded movement but one step at a time.  We have really focused on him reaching under himself in our training as of late and from this video you can see some of that put to work in our practice run of BN test B.  The test we will do at the Octoberfest charity schooling show in almost exactly one month.  Keep in mind this is our first run through the test so it needs plenty of work but I am very confindent we will have it down pat by next month.  It starts out nicely with decent trot work.  I spaced the place we were supposed to walk, oops.  Then we got the wrong lead both directions but this I am not too worried about, he gets the correct leads most of the time and of course he has to wait until the video is going to get it  He needs much more fitness and that will be in our plans over the next month.  I kinda drug him through that 10 meter half circle at the end.   And at the end I love after I salute(to no one mind you) he just sticks there.  You can see me kick him on a few times and he finally moves, haha, goof ball.  All in all I am happy and confident that Octoberfest is going to go very well.  Will we be bringing home blue?  Probably not but it will be challanging yet within our abilities so it will be a good confidence builder for both of us.  And that is exactly what I want it to be. 

P.S.   I hate having to do this but I always feel with the blog world and posting video I always must put disclaimers because with many people viewing everyone seems able to pick out every thing wrong in it.  But I don't want to hold out on video just because that annoys me.  Don't get me wrong I have NO problem with people critiquing me and my riding so go right ahead.  But it is stuff like the fact that some areas of my pasture is over grown.  Yes I understand it is over grown and that my facility is not perfect but I do have happy, healthy horses and that is all that matters to me.  In other words I was mowing the pasture unknowingly as it was low on oil and a piston ended up jammed in the engine and now we are trying to scrape together a measely $1000 bucks to get it fixed.  Blech!  It is always something right?  Thus half mowed pasture. 

Also I must warn you I have 2 more posts already typed up and ready to post and I am excited about them so I probably won't be able to seperate them.  So sorry for the post over load ;)


  1. AMY!!! Massive, humungous improvement!!! Perhaps you don't see the change because you work with him everyday but this almost a different horse. His stride is longer, he is softer in the neck, he steps under himself more and your tempo is nice and steady (pun intended? lol). Ahhh I can't wait until the show!!

  2. Wow, I think he looks awesome and springy and happy! Good job to you!

  3. Can't imagine anyone whining too much about unmowed pasture.

    You guys have come a long way! Good job.

  4. That sucks about the mower. I hope you can get it fixed soon. Sorry people were whining about the grass. That's not even what the video was about lol.

    Your daughter did a really good job with the filming. She only lost you in the frame once during the test I think.

    You guys are looking great. From what you wrote you sound more confident and like you're having more fun with it and not stressing so much. That's awesome.

    Eventing dressage is so different from regular dressage (which is what I took lessons in), so take my friendly critique as you will. You know way more about eventing than I do. The main thing I noticed in the trot is that your hands are too heavy. My trainer always had to remind me to make my hands light and my elbows heavy. It helps to keep you out of the horse's mouth. I'm also used to a more upright seat, but I know eventers lean forward more so that may be a non issue. Aside from that I think you guys did fantastic! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to hear about the show.


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