Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is a huge proud Mama post.  It was Quiz Rally for Pony Club last Saturday.  I was really bummed that I was too sick to go along with the group.  But one of the club Mom's said she would take Elaina so at least she didn't have to miss it.  We thought about her throughout the day, wondering how she was doing.  She left the house at 7 am and returned about 7 pm.  She was tired but too excited to show it when she got home.  She came in sporting her PC team shirt, team jacket, her new breeches, boots and a couple fancy ribbons!!  Just seeing her beaming with pride in herself was what every parent wants to see in their kid.  It is just icing on the cake that it is all horse related stuff that she loves so much.

She came home with a team Blue Ribbon!  And she got a personal 6th out of 13!  So proud of my girl that she really knows her stuff!


  1. Yeah Elaina! The smile says it all :)

    I will never regret the decision to have horses in our lives - Alexis is my proof, everyday.

  2. Congrads to Elaina! She must be so excited!

    And I know what you mean... isn't it great to be a proud mum?

  3. That's great news! I like it when children get to practice and then see their accomplishments they earned.

  4. That is so awesome! Congrats!

    Sorry I'm so far behind on your blog, but I'm going to get caught up I promise. Since I'm on vacation I figured I would get caught up on my favorite blogs. I didn't realize it had been since March that I had really read any of them. Sheesh!


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