Sunday, March 25, 2012


Have I mentioned here that I have broken at least one rib but my guess is it is probably two?  I could have done it from taking a spill off of my very large horse over a huge jump.  I could have done it while being risky on our quad.  There could be some really good story behind how I have broken the first bones I have ever broken.  But lame as it is, I guess I am thankful it wasn't one of those more "exciting" senarios.  Instead the real story is, I was sick for about two weeks, toward the end of the sickness I would have uncontrollable coughing fits.  During one of those fits I broke my ribs. Who knew that those little bones would cause so much pain, discomfort and problems in my every day life?  My life involves way too much physical activity and most of those activities are NOT good for broken ribs.  Digging post holes, cleaning stalls, shoveling dirt and even grooming shedding, muddy horses are all tough and painful activities that MUST be done.  Best thing is, riding does not bother them at all!!!  So a little catch up on what has been going on around here.

Started giving lessons to a teenage girl that wants to use one of my horses for 4-H.  She was hoping to ride Steady but I just don't think she will be good enough by then to handle him.  Lily is coming next week and I have plans to have her work with her and I told her if she sticks with it that I think her and Lily can do a Green as Grass eventing derby by the fall.  Best part is she works off her lessons so I am getting alot of needed work done around here.

Pony club riding meetings are starting up and I am planning to join as a horsemaster.

My husband has been working hard around the farm.  Cleaning up the property from fallen branches and trash.  This weekend he replaced a rotting corner post.  He did a fantastic job!  Now I just need to ge the fencing put back up.

Not horse related but farm related.  I have a job doing a petting zoo for the local country club on Easter Sunday and I have been on the hunt for bunnies, chicks and a lamb.  Chicks I know I can get at the farm store but the others I am still trying to get my hands on.  I have a few leads and met some adorable little lambies today.  Remember Amy they will be on your dinner table in a few months don't get too attached!

Finally to the big guy we all know and love, Steady Smiler aka The Dude!  Speaking of, what do you all think?  Do I stick with his name Steady that I have used up until now.  I mean there are quite a few people that recognize him by the name Steady.  Or do I change his show name to The Dude?  I love The Dude and kinda wish I would have thought of it sooner so I wouldn't have this dilema.  I have only shown him and called him Steady anywhere that we have gone up until this point.  What are your thoughts?  Ok now on to our rides.  Last I left you I was ticked off at being a cranky rider.  I am glad to say you are all right, Steady didn't miss a beat after that ride.  He has just been on his 'A' game and it is SO fun!  We have a lesson tomorrow with a new instructor.  Well I know her because she is the Pony Club DC for our club but I have never lessoned with her.  I always feel like lessoning with someone knew is so risky.  I guess I know what instructors I like and to try new ones is like a gamble whether or not I will get something out of it.  And I value my lessons probably more than most people and I hate the thought of 'wasting' one.  We will see tomorrow I guess.  I will be sure to fill you in.  I hope to be able to grow up someday and ride like Karen and Hampton!  Did you see her last post?  Da-yum girl you two are looking good!


  1. OUCH - hope you heal quick because broken ribs really suck :(.

    I have heard of the US PC's Horsemasters program - it sounds great! (But then I am a big Pony Club girl :) ). I would love to hear more about it once you've been.

    Tough call on the name. Is he registered with that name, or just on record at competitions? What are the reasons you think you should keep the old name?

    Good luck for your lesson and go you guys!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I will keep you updated on horsemasters. Do they have it in NZ? His registered racing name that he raced with for 8 years is Steady Smiler. I have always used his registered name at shows.

  3. Changing names is a strange concept for me. I can understand the desire to start out a new horse-owner relationship with a new name (especially if there's any concern about bad associations with the old name), but just re-naming a horse for the sake of it seems unnecessary. To me, that's like changing my dog's name, or suddenly deciding I want people to call me by my middle name. Besides, I kind of like the idea that Steady's name is part of his past and his present.

    Obviously do whatever you like, but whenever people change their horse's name, I always have a puzzled look on my face.

  4. That makes sense Kerri. Thanks. I don't plan to change his name. I will always call him Steady but it has taken me this long to really get to know him and his personality. I was just considering using a different name for shows only. His history is the biggest reason I always used his registered name Steady Smiler. I thought if anyone cared too they could always look up his racing history. If he had been a racing flop that wouldn't matter all that much to me but he had such a successful career. Then there are all the TB incentive things that using his racing name seems appropriate.

  5. I love the name Steady Smiler, and agree with Kerri. You can have a dozen nick names for him, but still show him as Steady Smiler. I have a half dozen names for the colt at my barn, but he's really Maverick.

  6. I'd stick with Steady. When I scribe at shows and see gorgeous horses with goofy names I always wonder what they were thinking.
    Sorry about that rib, ouch! I also broke a rib, at the barn we kept the horses at years ago, but it was because I tripped and fell, nothing horsey related. Seemed kind of funny at the time, although it hurt like heck!

  7. Name changing...I think Steady has a great registered name. Say if for instance HIS name was 'Dancing With Nancy' - that was Alexis's TB's registered name! Previous owners used his barn name of Hennessy at shows, so we gladly stuck with that.

    Yikes, broken ribs do not sound like fun. Take care of you!

  8. Awww thanks for the shout-out!! And second of all, dammit woman if you have BROKEN RIBS please take it easy for a bit!! I know there are chores that must be done but take care of yourself first. Although .. what can you do for broken ribs anyway? :) I shall refer to Steady as both The Dude and Steady. Hamps has numerous nicknames so what the heck. :)

  9. I like his registered name, so another vote for still showing under it. That said, 'The Dude' is an excellent nickname.

    He actually reminds me of Cuna a bit. I wonder if they're related?

  10. Ok I am going to stick to his registered name for shows. Thanks for all the good input. Karen you are completely right I need to know when to back off and take it easy. You can't do squat about broken ribs :( except for to give them time to heal. They say six weeks is how long it will take but I am sure it will be more if I don't chill out.
    SB I can see how Cuna reminds you of Steady. Both long, tall, red, OTTB geldings with hearts of gold and fantastic minds. We should look and see if they are related.

  11. You coughed so hard you broke your ribs?!?! Ouch!

  12. I vote keep Steady Smiler too. :D

    Yes, it is possible to break your ribs coughing. Sucks!! I hope by now (since I'm sooooo behind) that you are all better. Can't ribs be wrapped or something? Does that help or is it just to make you be more careful? I thankfully don't have any close experience with broken ribs.


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