Thursday, March 1, 2012

Because patience is not a virtue that I possess. I've got some BIG news!

I know, I know 3 posts in 3 days but I just cannot help myself.  First off my business is getting off the ground quite nicely.  Now it is not as completely consuming as getting things started was.  I sent out my first order form last week and the orders exceeded my expectations by double!  So that is great and next week will be hectic since it will be my first delivery.  As for the moment I actually have a few minutes to do things like clean my house, do dishes, ride and BLOG!  Ok now on to what this post is really all about....

In thinking and making plans for the up coming season over the past few months I stated my big goal this year was to compete at BN in a recognized HT.  I had thought that it would probably be closer to the end of the season.  Well I think plans have changed and I am getting pretty excited and I think it is about time.  After two years of training I don't think it is that far fetched to push ourselves a little out of our comfort zone.  So do you want to hear the big plans?

I am setting my sites on competing at the IEA HT June 1st and 2nd!!!  I kind of put that one out of my mind orginally because when I volunteered at that show last year it just seemed way out of my league but the reality is, it is not.  We competed at HHP last year and would have gotten the best dressage score had I not fouled up and gone off course in a division that was, in my eyes "out of our league" competing against proffessionals.  That same weekend we did about 6 stadium rounds with only one refusal and one rail and that was in the first round.  Mind you we had never done a stadium round before at that height.  Even with that we recieved 4th place out of 11!!  In the 5 other rounds it was like he had done it his whole life.  That same weekend we schooled XC for the first time and he didn't bat an eye at a single thing.  So what in the world would be holding us back from a HT at BN?  The only thing that I can think of that would be holding us back is me and now why would I want to do that?

So there it is, it is out there.  It is big stuff for us and there will be a huge amount of competition but I am confident that no matter what it will be fun and confidence building for me and Steady.  I am SO excited!!  Now comes all the work to make it happen.  There will be lessons, XC schooling and alot of work but all work that I LOVE to do, so bring IT!!


  1. i clearly need to google more about jumping to get the abbreviations lol!! Those are fantastic goals you guys will definatly be able to do it! cant wait to hear about it after the show!!

  2. Sorry Jessica here is a little cheat sheet.
    BN- Beginner Novice division.
    HT- Horse Trial, consists of a 3 phase event- dressage test, stadium round and cross country round.
    HHP- Hoosier Horse Park
    XC- cross country
    IEA- Indiana Eventing Association

  3. Since you volunteered last June at that event, you know first hand what it is like. Lex competed at the Penny Oaks HT last August and I was amazed at how different the recognized trials are from schooling.

    You and Steady are ready!

  4. Kelly a big deciding factor for me was the fact that a good friend and my 'adopted show mom' will be there and they will be right there to help me with all of the rules. We will stall together and that is going to help me so much. Honestly wouldn't have considered entering without them there but having them there will make all the difference in the world.

  5. Good luck at the shows! Hope they go well!

  6. Sounds fantastic! So exciting. I can't wait to hear about it. :)


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