Thursday, April 26, 2012

60? nevermind, and where we go from here.

I was all excited to see Slow and Steady Wins the Race finally broke out of the 50's and officially had 60 followers.  I 'was' going to come and post about it today.  Then I logged on and the number 59 caught my eye.  Uh?  Well it was very short lived and we are back in the 50's.  It is fine I would not blame anyone.  I am actually surprised any of you stick around.  Between my terrible grammar, my short attention span, inability to proof read and lack of use of spell check it is enough to drive anyone crazy.  But either way I am grateful for all 59 of you.  This blog has become a significant part of my life and I know that only through it have Steady and I come as far as we have.  I makes me keep note of each step whether it be forward or backward.  It helps me analyze, re-analyze and over analyze each ride, lesson and thought process.  And in starting this blog is how I have found many of my favorite blogs to read.  The amount I have learned through those blogs is immeasurable.  So thanks for sticking around, reading and commenting.

A quick personal note.  Things between my husband and I are starting to get better.  We went to counseling.  He was able to express how he felt and feel like I really heard him and his concerns.  He also agree to work toward a compromise.  So one step at a time we are heading in the right direction.  He even seems much happier just by getting to get it all out.  So good good news.

Just few posts ago I laid out our schedule and plan for this season.  After last weekend I felt like I needed to re-evaluate a bit.  I have not made any decisions for sure yet but I am thinking we won't be doing the IEA HT the first of June.  I will most likely be going as a volunteer instead of a competitor.  I am ok with this.  But like I said I have not made a clear decision about it yet.  My full decision will be made when I go down to lesson with Dorothy and clinic with Peter.  I will know more then what direction will be best for us to head.  There are also big decisions on my mind concerning the future but I think that merits a separate post. 

I hope all of you that are going to Rolex this weekend have a fabulous time.  I have chosen to stay home in light of all of my marital issues as of late.  I am saving up my 'horse credits' for the real important stuff.  Like leaving for 3 days in just two weeks to go to Lexington for the clinic!  I am excited and super anxious that we will not be as prepared as we should be.  I haven't been on my horse since Saturday and that needs to change and it will today.

Edited to add this:

This goes to show that a still photo can really be decieving.  If you looked at these on their own and I was not as honest of a person as I am you would think we rocked the show last weekend.


  1. I just signed up to show that you do have a 60th follower! I just have your blog saved on the desktop favorites! Oh and hey, I'm dying to have a blog and hearing you complain about your grammar drives me batty! I'm the one who isn't a good writer and sounds like a rere! Maybe I should start keeping a pony blog that is full of grammatical errors now that I'm moving the horses this weekend and starting full time saddle training with Sam Elliott this week.

    I'm really glad that you and Ryan are going to counseling and that things are looking up a big. Stay strong! Yall have overcome some extreme things in your relationship so I know you can most definitely work through this rough patch. Keep your chin up. *big hugs*

    I love your training updates! Very inspirational!

  2. Now just look at that! Don't ask me how "a big" got inserted at the end of that sentence hahaha.

  3. just read your post and its saying 61 followers ;)

  4. I am glad you posted the pics - you both look lovely! Still so bummed I missed your test & jumping...grrrr

    Really happy you and husband went for couseling & I am keeping you both in my thoughts as you continue to work thru your relationship issues. Getting divorced and remarried was the best thing that could have happenned for my husband and I. That will sound so whacked out to everyone that reads this - but it could not be more true. It made both of us much better at communicating this time around and we know what is at stake if we don't work on 'us'

  5. I'm glad things are a little better on the marital front. I hope it continues on the up and up.

  6. Your dressage looks fab. Only giveaway is your super defensive leg position. ;-) Your jumping always looks good anyways.

    Step back a second and LOOK AT STEADY!!! Dude. He is in amazing shape, all sleek and dark and not ribby. That is impressive! You've worked hard on it and he is doing so well.

    :-) Happy to hear about counseling. I hope you guys can work things out.

  7. to make you feel better, I don't "follow" anyone. I just add their blog in my blog roll or I have it saved in my favorites if I don't want people to know I read the blog but follow it like one follows a train wreck. So you have 61 followers:)

  8. Glad to hear that counseling has relieved the pressure a bit. I hope things continue in that direction.

    Your pictures look great. You and Steady are a lovely team. I get what you mean about being honest with the pictures. Selective editing can present a different looking ride. From your assessment in the last couple of posts, it sounds like you learned a ton from the experience. :)

    (I've been following for a while now!)

  9. I'm glad things are improving with the communication between you and your husband!! I'll continue to pray for a satisfactory compromise for you both. :D

    Wow, the pictures are awesome!!


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