Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our event schedule, fun stuff!

I am excited and overwhelmed and nervous and excited!  I have not only just signed up for a Peter Atkins clinic in Lexington in one month from today but I have also schedueled a lesson with Dorothy Crowell the Friday before the clinic.  I have decided to use my IEA scholarship in one fail swoop through Kentucky!  I didn't sign up for Event Camp this year so I decided to take all my favorite clinicians from camp and make my own camp.  Lexington is about a 165 mile drive for me that will probably take 3 1/2 hours hauling.  I have never made that kind of trip hauling alone and that kinda freaks me out.  But now that I have a decent trailer I can actually do it! 

I am a little concerned that I will have spent all my money in the first two months of the season with a schooling show on 21st that I am signed up for, the lesson and clinic May 11-13th and IEA HT on May 31-June 2.  But my prediction is that the summer heat will show itself early this year and if it does I will be glad I am not doing all of this in 110 degree heat index and it gives us all summer to work on the lessons we learn from all of it early on.  Then maybe we will be going Novice by the fall?  Only time will tell, but it is a goal to aim for.  Just wanted to fill you all in on the excitment to come!  Just pray my husband is understanding with all the time away.  It is always a very fragile balance when there are 3 small children involved.  When I leave I don't leave him to have some guy time, I leave him with a load of work, responsibily with kids, cooking, cleaning and animals....blah blah is true it is a tough balance to keep it all running smoothly but I am just determined and stubborn enough to find a way to make it all work.

So here is Team Steady Smiler schedule

April 20-21st Hoosier Horse Park Hearland CT at Beginner Novice
May 11  Frankfort, KY Lesson with Dorothy Crowell
May 12-13 Lexington, KY Peter Atkins Clinic
May 31 Hoosier Horse Park Volunteer for IEA 3 day
June 1-2 Hoosier Horse Park IEA HT @ Beginner Novice
June 3-rest of the summer nothing ;)  we may re-emerge again come fall.  I will be saving up all my horsey time points for the rest of the summer to hopefully get to the Wofford Clinic

Next post, update on our riding work/progress/issues as of late.  Hint Steady may have had a track flashback in our galloping practice today...phew.


  1. Looks like a really exciting schedule! I will come watch you as much as I can and take photos of your awesomeness. Oh yes we need to plan Rolex if you want to go!

  2. We will look for you next weekend at HHP! 'Team Riva Diva' will be present :)

  3. Sounds super fun! I vote fall novice move up. :)


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