Monday, April 9, 2012


I have a pretty addictive personality and blogging has become one of those addictions.  So I find that when I am unable to blog I feel like I get all pent up.  Too many days of this pent upness and then I want to come on here and spill all happenings since the last post.  So much has gone on and so much is happening and it is all great and exciting.  I am not much for patience but I will try to show some restraint and I will just do a short recap and hopefully find the time to come back and give full details and photos.

It was spring break last week for my girls so we had a trip planned up to Michigan to see my parents then on to Wisconson to visit my Great Aunt and Uncle.  We made the trip with the trailer to my parents house so that we could return with Lily(the haflinger).  I was a nice trip and also too short.  My mom always takes such good care of us that it makes it hard to leave.  Moonlight made the trip to MI with us too so that he could visit his Grandma and Grandpa.  He was spoiled by receiving grain twice a day.  I guess Grandparents are the same whether it is with kids or horses.  Spoil 'em and send 'em home!  My parents have the coolest property and I should have brought my camera to show you.  It is every horse lovers dream.  17 acres of 5 separate pastures with lush beautiful grass in all but one that is keep mostly as a dry lot.  White board fence along the perimiters by the house then triangular mesh and hot wire for the dividing fences.  All wooden posts.  A 4 stall barn with feed room, tack room, hay loft and the nicest stalls money can buy.  Then surrounded by hundreds of acres that neighbors give access to, with trails, hills, ponds.  Then they have the most beautiful landscaped "pond" in their back yard.  It is made to look like a pond but it is actually a chlorinated pool with the coolest tiki bar and bonfire pit.  It is amazing!  It is like a resort and the best part is my mom is an amazing cook.  She cooks and cleans and spoils kids and horses alike.  It is like the coolest bed, board and breakfast EVER but it is all free!  Can you now see why I didn't want to leave?  It was lovely but I had responsibilies to come home to so it had to come to an end.

I came home to do my co-op pickups and deliveries. BTW the co-op business I started has turned out to be way more than I ever imagined.  Orders are 6 x's what I had hoped for and it has just taken off.  People are loving it and it is going so well!  It keeps me busy but still leaves enough time to get in riding.  I have also been giving lessons to a girl and that has been going great too!  She will actually be using Lily in the 4 -H fair this year.  They make a cute pair.  Then I did an Easter petting zoo for the local country club.  I acquired a baby lamb, baby bunny, and little chicks.  And snappy came along.  That went fantastic!  But it has all kept me insanely busy.  I mean bottle feeding a lamb and taking care of all the other little baby animals on top of the craziness that is my life has made it non-stop for me.  I am excited about this week because I will have a few days that I can catch up.  I really would not have been able to do it all without my husband and great kids.  They are amazing and so helpful!

Well that is it for now, since like I said I need to go play catch up and get my horse ridden today(btw he has been a fricken saint! He is just soaring with progress!).  But there is much more exciting stuff to catch up on here too so I will hopefully get back here soon enough.


  1. Are your parents interested in adopting me? Happy to hear the business is booming!

  2. i agree with Kelly i am up for adoption... will work for board :p lol

  3. Wow... a third comment wanting to steal your parents. They sound awesome.

    Congrats on your business success! That is super cool.

  4. Woah. Your parents' place sounds like a dream. No wonder you want to go back! Barn photo-tour next time you visit them? Please!

    Congrats on the co-op too, well done :).

  5. Ditto on your parents adopting me too!!

    Wow, you have been busy!!!


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