Monday, May 21, 2012

Cuteness alert!

These two this weekend at their first show together.  Macy's(7) first time in an english saddle.  She did great.  Snappy the mini can be a handful but she is cool as can be and handles him well.  I could go on and on about how they did in the show but I will spare you the proud Mama moments and just leave you with these pictures.

Ride today was lovely.  The ground is getting so hard here since it just refuses to rain ever again.  So I do try to keep my rides quick and to the point with out slacking either.  We did a little bit of everything and I have no doubt that Steady can pull off a kick ass dressage test as long as we can keep his nerves in check.   We will be arriving two day before I actually ride for the HT so I really feel good about him having enough time to adjust and get enough ride time in to get him nice and relaxed.  This morning I rode early to beat the heat.  It is May and these 90 degree temps are going to get old fast.

Nerves are starting to set in.  The thing that really seems to be rattling me the most is #1 getting eliminated and not getting to finish.  #2 and having a repeat of the Heartland show when all of our training was right on but then his nerves took over.  #2 like I said I do feel like I can get a good handle on that part but #1 I have no control over.  There is something about this sport that no matter how hard you work or how long you prepare if your horse is having a bad day there is just nothing you can do about it.  I will do what I can to keep my own nerves in check.  The count down continues....10 days until our departure!


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