Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just a teaser.

Not enough sleep, buckets of rain, 3 days, beautiful Kentucky, awesome friends, possibly half of a cheesecake and my horse is a freaking ROCK STAR!  More to come when sleep has been had and cheesecake has been digested.  I am one satisfied, happy girl.  I came home to the house cleaned, dinner made, kids cared for, amimals cared for, cards and flowers!  Happy Mother's Day to me!

Mr. Steady playing with my boot as I was stretching my legs during a lecture from the guy on the crutches, AKA Peter Atkins.  What a stinking ham.  Have I ever said how much a LOVE this horse?
Picture by the one and only Karen AKA Hampton's mom, she is the bomb diggity.


  1. Everything about this brought a big smile to my face when I read it. I can't wait to hear details!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to hear/read more!

  3. Best Mother's Day gifts ever :) Looking forward to the full report on the weekend of riding!

  4. I saw Karen's pics. WOW!!! Steady does not even look like the same horse. You guys rock!

    :-) Happy belated mother's day to you.

  5. Thanks guys.

    SB seeing those actual decent photos of Steady you can see why I have been so crazy over his condition lately :). He truely does look like a different horse than he did 2 years ago when I brought him home and even a year ago.

  6. Yay!! I'm soooo happy you had a fantastic Mother's Day!!!!! :D


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