Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day!

Hard to believe it is here already but I leave at 5am in the morning to make it to Dorothy Crowell's farm by 9 am.  Then to Champagne Run for the 2 day clinic with Peter Atkins.  I am trying to keep my thoughts positive and remember that even though event camp last year seemed like hell the amount of knowledge I came away with and how far it has taken us was worth it.  The weather looks like it should be quite lovely.  They are calling for scattered showers on Sunday but hopefully they will steer clear of us.  My ride times are Saturday at 9:45 and Sunday at 1pm.  Besides the fact that I have tack to clean and everythng to pack other than that we are ready!
Our rides this week have been nothing short of amazing.  He is moving so well and we are really just connected.  Our galloping seems to be at a controllable level and that is really all I ask from this horse.  I doubt we will ever have much success at galloping at Beginner Novice pace.  That is just who he is, he is big and fast but what I do require is collecting, balance and at least some speed regulation ability and those things I have.  So ready or not here....we....go......

I doubt there will be blog updates until I get home so bye for now.


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