Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tiny umbrellas and amish buggys.

What do these two random objects have in common?  They both happen to be two objects that make every sigle one of my horses stand at full snorting attention.  We have probably 15 amish buggys go down our road every day but that does not matter.  Each and everyone is just as captivating as the last.  I can't say that I blame them.  It has to be as phenomenon to watch these horses pulling their people down the road.  I have to admit everytime I pass an buggy as I am hauling the horses I cannot help but wonder what those horses are thinking as they are hot, sweaty and working their butts off watching our horses fly by in their horsey limos.  I imagine even the good amish horses they are I imagine there is a lot of swear words involved.

As for the tiny umbrella, I was turning out Lily.  Steady, Blaze, Snappy and Moonlight were already in the pasture.  Then all of the sudden all of them simultaneously jumped to a stand still on high alert.  I began to scan in the direction they were all staring.  What caused such panic stricken horses?  Nothing but my 5 year old running around the yard with a tiny umbrella.  Really guys?  I small child with an umbrella, really?


  1. umbrellas get them every time! I let my boys bring their umbrellas out when I am the only one in the arena, being that this is Washington I always hear the story of the horse on its way to an 88 on a test when someone pops open an umbrella at K. Not my horse:)

    Seeing Amish buggies would be quite a sight. For some reason your story of the horses flying down the road in trailers reminded me of my husband seeing camels being driven around in the back of small toyota trucks in Iraq. Apparently they just climb right in and lay down and off they go! Wish I could teach Cassy to do that, be a lot easier than hooking up the trailer.

  2. lol horses are so funny. Thats like G we can go past the same scarey fire extinguisher in the arena a thousand times but as soon as we change direction its like a WHOLE different scarey fire extinguisher lol.


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