Monday, April 15, 2013

Don't be mad

I loved hearing what you would or do plan to buy at Rolex.  It's fun to hear!  Some mentioned why I don't just fix the zipper on my boots now.  Though the Ovations have served me well and held up I have never been happy with the leather quality.  I would LOVE to have a soft more conforming leather.  But I most likely will get the zipper fixed at some point.  I know somewhere locally that I can get it done for $80.  It will be nice to have a spare/schooling pair.  Especially since I don't do the paddock half chap thing.  Ok now on to the BIG news.

So I have some pretty big news.  Not something that I was neccissarily expecting but something that was not out of the real of possibilites either.  And you may want to kill me now but I am going to wait just a little longer to let you in on the BIG news.  Hopefully soon!


  1. You can't do this to us!! I wanna know!

  2. You're getting the grey horse? Gah! Spill it!

  3. My first thought was Julie's question!

  4. Where do you live, because I must kill you for not divulging now!


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