Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jump lesson, tall boots, thoughts.

My jumping lesson was great last night.  It wasn't that we got to jomp all the big things because we didn't.  Everything stayed small.  It wasn't great because Steady was amazingly perfect and it all went wonderfully.  It was because we were having issues.  Common issues for the both of us.  He gets quick and inverted and I get braced against him.  What made it great is that we found a way to work through the issues ending on a very great note.  Gaining the control I needed and obtaining the steady rhythm to, in between and away from each jump. My 8 year old daughter took video of some of the lesson but I won't punish you by putting it up.  It is all over the place but I was still able to take parts away from just seeing it.  Biggest thing that I saw that I neeeeeed to get a handle on is that when he starts to rush I get in a chair seat putting my lower leg way too far forward.  For all I know that is the very reason he is rushing.  It frustrates me seeing it because it is such bad riding but I need to see it and get frustrated enough to fix it.  I hope to get some video that is taken by someone above the age of 10 very soon.  I really feel some amazing improvements in Steady's movement and my riding.  I think you guys will too.

Hank was reunited with his brother last night and it was a complete overload of cuteness.

In other news.  Sadly I must plan a funeral.  I knew the day was coming and some say that knowing helps when the time actually comes.  While that may be true it still doesn't make it any less sad. 

RIP my $189 Ovation boots.  You served me well and even up to the very end.

I am not sure what I will do without you but know you will be missed..........Until you are replaced at least ;)

Darn it. I did know the day was coming but I was hoping that it didn't come before Rolex.  Last night it became official they must be laid to rest.

Now what to replace them with??  In conversation with a friend she mentioned how her Ariats gave out after 3 months of daily use.  That was disheartening because I thought of my Ovations as low end and was hoping to upgrade to a "better" quality boot when I replaced them.  I guess I wonder does higher price tag neccessarily mean better quiality.  When I told her that my Ovations have lasted me 3 years and they were my every ride boot.  Those are all I have worn to ride in since I purchased them 3 years ago.  She was surprised.  I was happy by how much life I got out of them and if it hadn't been for the darned zipper they would last much longer.  Oh boy if I spends several hundred dollars on boots and they don't last me at least as long as my trusty Ovations I may just want to decapatate someone.  Hmmmm....

Last but not least I am going to look at a possible project horse.  eeeek....I am excited and questioning my sanity at the same time.  What would you do if a 6 year old Grey, sound, sane OTTB landed in your lap and you owned your own farm?


  1. I would take him, because I think with my heart and not my head!

    Can the zipper not be replaced on your Ovations? I had used no name pull on field boots that I wore every ride for 2 years - the soles split wide open this Winter. I went with Mountain Horse boots and like them so far.

    Looking forward to seeing pics and videos!

  2. I've heard wonderful things about Treadsteps! Also I have those same socks (Target FTW!) and if I owned my own farm and a grey 6yo OTTB landed in my lap I would take on the project!

  3. I have Ariats and have never had any issues with them :) Good luck boot shopping!

    Um you can send that gray ottb to me! :)

  4. I've had a pair of Ariats that have lasted me 7+ years of abuse, riding in them everyday, cleaning stalls, washing horses, etc. so it seems kind of hit or miss with them! And I would take the gray OTTB too, I love grays.

  5. To answer your question, I would think I'd died and gone to heaven. :-) Pretty much my dream horse...

    Can't help TOO much on the boot issue, as my own tall boots were purchased when Carter was President. And yes, they still fit but I'm embarrassed to be seen in them! As soon as I'm riding regularly again, a new pair is definitely on the agenda (I have worn half chaps and paddocks for almost all my riding in the last 12 years). I will be making a beeline for Tredstep Donatellos, as they are a great price, I hear great things, and they seem to have almost been custom-designed for people with super-skinny calves.

    If I were you I'd check out the Review sections on Dover or SmartPak's websites, and also look on the COTH H/J Forum. People frequently discuss boots there. Warning: a lot of the talk does get on my nerves a bit because there's many people wishy-washying about "just can't decided what custom boot I want..." (same thing with high-end saddle threads: "Oh, poor me, I just don't know if I want a Devocoux/Antares/CWD/some other 5K saddle..." Give me a break.) But there are "normal" people reporting in, too! :-)

    I will be at Rolex so if you need someone to cast a critical eye on purchases, look me up! I love helping spend other people's money, LOL.

  6. Good luck with the boot search! What about shopping for new and also get the zipper replaced, that way you have a spare. (already have a grey ottb - maybe next one will be a blood bay!)

  7. Zippers can be replaced! Find a leather repair place, or, contact Ovation and ask them for recommendation of someone to do the repair. Not only is it cheaper to replace the zipper, but you already have those boots good and broken in and comfortable. Breaking in a new pair SUCKS.

    I'd take the gray OTTB...but, I already have one (and a fabulous one at that!), so, of course, I'd need a matched pair. :D

  8. I have a pair of JPC tall boots that I got on clearance for $30. I have been using and abusing them for about two years now and they are still completely intact. Sure, the leather isn't super nice, but I have basically done zero maintance on them other than to hose them off from time to time and they are still going strong. So, I don't think a higher price means a better quality product.

  9. If a 6 year old Grey, sound, sane OTTB landed in my lap...I would be over joyed. That is exactly what I am looking for!! My husband's friend's dad has a 4,000 acre 'refuge' for retired race horses. Each time he hauls a load out to the ranch he has asked my husband if I want one of the grey ones he has loaded in his trailer to be dropped off at our farm. The answer has been no, but since Piney died I think the answer might be "Yes".
    I have a pair of tall Ovation dress boots, the first time I put them on the zipper broke, but I haven't had any problems with them since...But then again I hardly ever wear them. I usually wear short chaps and paddock boots...

  10. Maybe just get another pair of Ovations? Mine personally broke after not that much riding (zipper), but I loved the boot otherwise.

  11. No help here. I'd take the horse and I know nothing about tall boots. That said, if I were buying, I'd snag the cheaper tredsteps. Dunno about longevity, but they are beautiful.

  12. Why not just replace the zipper? Seems much cheaper.

  13. I would take the horse, but is that going to make your husband mad? I wouldn't want a project horse to make him resent Steady any more.... if I have it all wrong or if I'm out of line you don't have to post this comment... it's just the first thing that came to mind. :)

  14. Achieve1dream you are not out of line at all and that is something I should have mentioned since everyone knows what a struggle it has been for me. It is interesting but the idea of a resale project does not bother him. I think the idea that I may actually get money out of a horse is right up his alley. Though he has mentioned more than once that he thinks its a better idea to sell steady first then take on another but I have explained to him why that can't happen. So if something does come along again I know I must tread lightly and always keep in mind his day on the matter.

  15. I'm glad I didn't offend. :D I'm sorry the resale project didn't work out. He sounded like a nice horse. Maybe something else will come up! You can have Faran if you want him LOL!!!!


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