Tuesday, April 9, 2013

If I had a million dollars! If I had a million dollars......I'd by myself a .....

It may be far from a million but what about $1000?  If you had $1000 in your hand as you walked into rolex on Thursday morning what is it that you would buy first? 

I talk about being a minimalist and I do try to be.  I am not attracted to wads of equipment to make myself feel the part of equestrian extrodinaire.  I feel like if I want to be a better horsewoman and rider then that money is best spent on lessons and clinics and my time is better spent on my horses back than in a store or online shopping.  But the time has come that some certain items must needs be purchased and I have been saving up to head to Rolex with cash in hand.  I have started a list because I know what will happen the moment I set foot on those roadways paved with all things leather and shiney I will loose all sense of neccesity and reasoning.  So I will skip down those roadways with list in hand and on a mission.  Now to decide what it is that I really need in order of importance so that when the money runs out and the list is still long that I have at least purchased the most important items.  Here I will number them in order of importance in my mind.

For me:
1) Boots (mine the zipper randomly malfunctions and I fear the day it stops working)
4) Stirrup Leathers
6) Paddock boots and half chaps

2) Jump Boots
3) Bridle
5) Girth
9) Cooler

7) Cooler
8) Bridle

Inexpensive items by comparison that I will most likely pick up along the way.
Royal Blue Saddle pad
Schooling Gloves
Show shirt
Show shirt for daughter
Flymask for Lily

That is what I have come up with so far.  I now need to get measurements taken and written on the list along with comparable prices and products online to make sure I am getting the very best deal.  But there is much to be said for being able to touch and feel the quality of the product you are buying so paying a fair price in person is better to me than rock bottom online.
Is there more?  Is there something I have missed?  What would YOU buy?


  1. Hmmm 1k.. Some breeches and new show shirts. Maybe a new bridle like a Jimmy's.

  2. Shoot me a text or call on Saturday at Rolex so I can say hello!!! :)

  3. Have fun!!!

    I am a list kinda gal also :)

    $1000 to spend? I would get a dressage show coat for my daughter, short sleeve show shirts for daughter and myself, thin line reins for Riva's bridle.

  4. Im saving for Rolex too!!

    I am looking for another bling browband, show gloves, breeches, and cross country boots!

  5. Sounds fun--wish I could make it to Rolex this year! 1k...def. breeches, new paddock boots and half chaps, tall boots. A good-quality rope halter and long lead, a "stick" for groundwork. Schooling gloves would be nice. Heh guess it's good I'm not going! :)

  6. Fun list! I would do custom boots and if there was any leftover a nice cooler for Simon.

  7. Definitely do comparison shopping before you go... Rolex can have some great deals but I've also found the opposite to be true. On my "list" right now are a good pair of XC boots (if only I could make up my mind which ones I want!) and a half-pad. Why are they so dang expensive??? And a ringside rain sheet.

  8. Eek, I'm saving too and no clue what to buy (or what NOT to buy ha hahahhaaa, I'll buy it all!!!)

  9. $1000.... is that enough to buy a dressage saddle? If I had a million I would buy a saddle and a horse trailer LOL!!! Just so you know, I am soooo jealous! I want to go! :D


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