Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 the year that was almost awesome.

What an ideal start to the year.  Indoor arena to get training off to an early start.  Weekly dressage and jumping lessons.  Everything set in order to kick some major butt and move up levels.  Steady is super fit and going better than ever.  We had a jump lesson last week with LAZ and we were just killing 3'-3'3".  everything is aligning for a solid shot at competing well.  I have never felt more prepared and ready.  So what's the problem?  I have no time to compete.  I have been looking at recognized horse trials in area 8 and none are cooperating with my schedule.  The one I could have done in May I knew that I would be stretching the budget right after Rolex and on thin ice with Ryan time wise having just left for four days.  So I did not sign up.  Ideally June would work except the entire month is consumed by family vacation, Pony Club and 4-h.  I was planning to volunteer at IEA this year instead of compete.  That was last years goal to complete there.  This year was to compete at Kentucky horse park, qualify for the novice 3 day and move to training in the fall.  
Gawd he looks good right now.  Pictures seriouly cannot capture the shine.

I know terrible problem right?  Have great training, my horse going lovely and I am bummed I can't compete.  Yes I kinda feel like a jerk even complaining and I am by no means devastated by the circumstances just slightly bummed.  I have gone over and over and over the omnibus and there is simply nothing that is working until possibly July more likely September November.  Then I wonder if that leaves enough time to fit in enough HT's to qualify.  Then I wonder if it is going to keep me back from a training schooling show by years end.  There is one schooling CT on the 19.  I just found out about it and the deadline is Monday and when I had 2 seconds to print off the entry form and drop it in the mail my internet service was out and I couldn't print it off.  Now I am trapped on a bus with like 100 4th graders completely isolated from society for the next 48 hours.  Gaaaa why?  

On a less whiney and bithchy note Steady looks dead sexy in all his new gear.  In our lesson with Lee Ann he was so great and when I would figure out how to ride he is awesome!  We had one little mishap.  We were cantering up to a 3 ft vertical that had three placing poles.  I am assuming they were nine feet apart the final one being 9 feet from the base of the jump.  I had my eyes off in the distance for what ever reason and then of course  so did he.  As we were both happily gazing out to the xc jumps he made the decision to leave at the base of the last placing pole.  Mmmm not part of my plan.  He cleared the jump.  Well with his front end at least.  He kinda took out the jump with his back legs.  Which did not please him and he gave a couple ouch, mom bucks.  Lol it was kinda funny though I was unsure of what exactly happened until Lee Ann informed me just before she explained how that is not ideal.  Good news?  I got to really test out his new boots.  Verdict?  They work great!  They now are streaked with green paint but steady doesn't have a mark on him.  I am SO glad I got them and had them on.  They really saved his legs.
Steady's best bud.  Ottb Brennan and the only horse in the barn thar us a giant like the Dude.


  1. Steady is looking really good. :)

  2. He looks fantastic Amy! And LOL - I don't envy you right now...on that bus full of 4th graders :)

  3. Steady looks amazing! What a stud muffin!!

  4. He DOES look great! I hope you can fit something into your schedule competition-wise.

    In the meantime, you are being a Very Good Mom and I hope your family takes note of that on Sunday! ;-)

  5. Aww that sucks about not having time to show, but Steady looks fantastic and I bet you're loving the lessons. :D


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