Saturday, May 25, 2013

kick in the pants.

Thanks for the kick in the pants.  I looked back and my last post was very down.  Never fear I am not easily kept down and though I was very frustrated with my riding after my last lesson  I walked away even then with a plan.  I also did not mention that no way did laz let me leave on a bad note.  She took down the first jump, lowered the second and had us go through, slowly raising everything back up and we went trough the line beautifully about 3 times before calling it a day.  It was just that over and over I was having to be reminded of things I know and can do but for whatever reason, could not do.

Like I said there is a plan and no giving up on my end.  Low and behold I rode my horse today and he didn't hold a grudge and it is still ao cool the progress we have made in my ability to ride and control his rhythm and use of himself with my body.  Life changing stuff I tell you.  The plan is to get together at my friends farm once a week to jump.  Same friend who teaches me the biomechanics riding.  We will be working on how to incorperate the same concepts when speeds increase and jumps are involved.  Wednesdays every other week we will meet at her place to jump and on the other weeks we will be trailering to LAZ's for a lesson.

Was that ride crappy?  Yes but I have learned that my horse is forgiving, willing and smart. So no matter how hard, we will work through what we need to to be better in the end.  As Lee Ann said, he is opinionated and that is what makes him such a great horse.  So even though I may not be the best I will always do what I have to to give him the best and he knows it and gives me his best.

P.s. when I mentioned that it was not like steady to stop.  It was by no means because anything is wrong with him.  He is feeling, looking and acting great.  It was really all just poor riding.

You guys are so awesome and I just love that I can come here and you guys tell me just what I need to hear.  Even if I do need a swift kick.  Thanks!  And since you guys are the bombdiggitty I am going to do my best to come away Wednesday with some video and photographic documentation of our ride :)


  1. We all have our bad days! Glad to hear you are back up and fighting.

  2. Yay video and photos! Keep up the great work!!! And have fun!!!!!


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