Sunday, May 12, 2013

Funny thing.

Funny thing.  I picked up a copy of Sidelines magazine when I was at Rolex.  I did not have amytime to open it there.  A couple days later my daughter picked it up and brought it to me.  She says, "Mom, did you know you were in this magazine?".  Uhhh no!  Low and behold Steady and I are on the first page of the magazine, lol.  Not something that happens to me every day.  Kinda awesome!  Though they acquired this photo when I entered it in a Facebook contest that I did not win.  Which I find funny.  Apparently we were a favorite of the editor who apparently did not judge the contest.  Though I would have loved some free stuff from the contest but either way a pretty cool find!  I sure am glad I went by that both and happened to grab a magazine!

 Happy mother's day go me!  Steady came home yesterday!!  Its nice to have him back home.  Though it was nice to have access to the facility I'm definitely one who loves to have my horses in my back yard.

And the awesome ottb shirt made it in too!!!


  1. I love Sidelines photo contests. One of my photos was published, but I didn't get any free stuff either :)

  2. That is so awesome!!! I love that photo. :D I'm glad Steady is back home. I couldn't imagine not having my horses in my backyard.


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