Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Being a more effective housewife and learning how to be a more effective rider, at the same time!

Who knew that you could do both of those things at the same time?  I watched the on demand videos of the George Morris clinic and learned a great deal about being a quiet effective rider all while folding the laundry and cleaning the kitchen!!  I watched the videos on my android tablet and just took it to the room I was working on.  It was such a great way to spend my day.  I got things done that I don't enjoy doing, all while learning about the thing I LOVE doing.  Win for my husband and win for me.  It really made me truely enjoy my day even on a beautiful sunny day that I wish I could have been riding.  I still felt like I was accomplishing my riding goals and getting my responsiblities done.

I watched day 1 with Anne Kursinski on the flat.  It was interesting watching these great young riders and very talented jumpers that struggled with the basics that Anne was trying to teach.  She was essentially teaching them the basics of dressage.  I grew up in the jumper world and fully understand how you can be able to jump a 4ft course yet have no idea of dressage basics.  But she stated repeatedly that the things she was teaching will make them much more effective riders in a jumper course even though it was "just" flat work.  I watched as she got on a girls horse that was flipping his head and resisting contact the girl seemed to respond just the way I think I typically interact with Steady.  Kind of feeding into that arguement with him by too much 'correcting' and moving about.   The horse reminded me exactly how Steady was acting the other day.  While Anne was on him she was incredibly quiet but very persistent that he could and would move into the contact.  He pitched a huge fit, rearing repeatedly until he finally accepted the her leg and her hands and moved forward into the contact.  That is exactly what I felt was happening on my terrible ride the other day all except Steady was bucking and bunny hopping instead of rearing.  The other difference is I don't think I kept my cool as wonderfully as Anne did.  I started thinking about my ride and realized it was one of the first rides since my lesson with Lee Ann.  Lee Ann was telling me to do just what Anne was doing on that horse.  She told me to just be where I wanted him to be and persist until he accepts it, no arguing just quiet persistance.  She warned me that I may very well piss him off for a while because I am changing the game plan on him.  Light bulb!  Why didn't I realize that was what was happening during that ride?

It is quite nice to see someone else having problems and getting corrected.  Makes me feel like I am not alone and that even though I feel like we have so many issues but that all horses have issues.  Along with all riders have issues, no matter what level.  It is also very helpful to watch and see those issues being corrected and how they were corrected.  The thing that stood out the most is that it is all about the basics!  Anne was telling the amazingly talanted kids riding amazingly talanted horses to do the exact same things that I am told in my lessons.  It is about quality work, being a pateint quiet rider, being connected with your horse, so many great points.  I am looking forward to folding some more laundry(first time I have EVER said those words before)  and watching more!!


  1. Way to multi-task!

    Quiet, calm, persistence is the way to go - thanks for the reminder. I think it's as hard for the riders as the horse. :)

  2. Im only on day 2 part 3 lol!! its an amazing clinic i wish i could have went. Theres a vet session and a ferrier session as well!
    p.s thanks for the follow :D

  3. Sweet. I watch T.V. while doing laundry too (and while working out). It makes it so much less boring. Glad you found a way to make mundane chores more fun. :) It is nice to be reminded that even advanced riders have to be reminded of the basics sometimes too.


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