Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recipe for insanity.

Take a couple weeks of rain and knee deep mud.
Add a week of freezing temperatures.

Mix together: makes treacherous frozen mud.

Then take buckets and bucket of rain and put on top of frozen ground.
Throw in 30-40 mile an hour wind gusts.
Add on to that temperatures dropping 20 degrees in about 3 hours.
Lastly add 3 horses that have had no outlet for energy considering they could barely walk on the ground for a few weeks.

That my friends is the perfect recipe for what went on out in my pasture today.  It made for some great footing for the horses.  The ground was still frozen a couple inches down but there was just enough mud to add to the insanity.  I had mud splattered in my face twice and once in the mouth, bleeehh.  It was insanity.

I caught a few minutes of it on tape.  Believe me this was not the worst of it.  It went on for a few minutes before I realized they were not quiting and I had time to go get my camera. This went on for hours.  Steady was the instigator which I have never seen before and even got worried for all the pawing and rolling he was doing.  I am not kidding when I say this went on for hours.  It is not unlike them to run off for a minute or two once turned out but this was something I have never seen.


  1. LOL! Yeah I was going to ride today but VERY quickly changed my mind with the gale force winds and when Hampton pranced into the barn snorting.

  2. Haha, they were having fun! I like how Steady rolls right in the middle of the hay pile. I bet he'll be fun to clean up! And I love your mini - too cute :)

  3. your mini is adorable he was just having a grand time running around... and moonlight... well thats just a white horse thing lol how muddy can i get in a small amount of time.
    It seems like these crazy temperatures across north america are making horses everywhere go a little crazy.

  4. Zooommmmmming Mini!!! Yesterday was INSANE wasn't it!!! Sure made my mares a bit "excited" to say the least.

  5. Oopps.. I replied to your email. Short answer "Yes".

  6. Your mini is ridiculous!! Omg. So adorable.

    Also Steady reminds me of Hedonism Bot from Futurama when he's rolling in the hay.

  7. So cute! And Steady looks awesome. :D


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