Thursday, January 5, 2012

Horse not forsale and leg update.

I have a 20+ year old pony, who is not looking for a new home. He is sound, sane, still doing ok, but he is aged. He is not looking for a new home because he is not being dumped. Actually, he is standing about in a field wearing a new blanket, and eating hay and being fed twice a day just like he would be if he was still a much-loved, usable horse. If you know of a new home that would like to pick up my old horse who has done his time with me, who would like to pay his vet bills long into retirement, please don't call me, because it's my job to do that for him.

I stole this from a friend on facebook and had to share it!

January 5th 7:30 am, swelling has gone down significantly.  I dare say it is all but gone!!!!

My instincts tell me that he just took a miss step.  See I was whining and complaining about the mud and was so happy when the ground froze.  What I did not forsee was the mess that the frozen uneven mud would be.  The mud was so bad that when it froze it made rock hard ruts, holes and rivets.  The horses are really struggling to walk over it and I am guessing he was either fooling around and took a bad step on it or even just walking over it could do some minor damage.  All I know is it seems short lived and for that I am happy!  I am going for a light ride today cause our weather is quite lovely.

For a good laugh take a look at this video.


  1. The frozen mud holes are horrible! Poor Bonnie walks along the entire fence parameter where it's smoother instead of walking straight lines to the gate when it's time to come in.

    We are going to put her and another sensitive footed mare in a paddock that's not been used to try to make it easier on them.

  2. Ugh. I hate frozen mud. The current barn is slope-y (is that a word?) enough that we don't get mud accumulations, but the past two were wretched for that!!

    Glad you love your pony. :-)

  3. Aww that sucks about the mud, but I'm glad the swelling is down. Yay Steady!


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