Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A photo to brighten your day and some moaning to bring you down.

I will post the picture first that way if you don't want to stick around for the moaning you can leave after viewing the photo.

When it is too cold and muddy for the kids to come out and give treats we find a way to improvise.


And this isn't the farthest he got his head into the window.  That is my adorable 6 year old Macy, the treat feeder.

Now onto the moaning.  I must say I am not looking for advice or the get over it stuff.  I am just looking to vent.

I just spent the last 5 days hosting my husbands side of the family.  Mother, father, brother, sister, her husband + 2 kids, other sister and her husband were all here.  They eat alot of food and they make a big mess and they took up the bathroom almost the entire time.  And after hosting them, feeding them and cleaning up after them we get a text from his dad the next day saying "God told him that if my husband shaved his gotee off that then God would proper us." WTF?!  Who says stuff like that?  My in-laws!  A simple thank you would have been nicer.   I escaped to the barn as much as possible.  Now I am feeling like I have the worst horse show hangover with none of the amazing horse show gratification.  I spent 2 months grocery budget(with no offers to help pay for food BTW), my house is a disater area and I am sinking into a SAD(seasonal affective disorder).  To top it off my husbands car just started pouring out oil from somewhere today.  I am broke, overwhelmed and depression is setting in and I cannot ride!  First it was too muddy, now it is too frozen and I am pretty sure Steady hurt himself today.  It was dark when I was bringing him in tonight but he was reluctant to walk over the hard, bumpy ground so I tried my hardest to check him out and is LH Pastern seems swollen and warm :(.  I am going to put off bawling over this until I can at least check him out in the day light and hope and pray that tomorrow when I go out that I see nothing and it was all a figment of my imagination.  And if you pray, I ask you do the same.  Damn it!  I was really wanting 2012 to start out better than 2011 and right now it sure seems like it is headed in the same direction.  I also will not being able to to afford Event Camp this year :(.  Though I am excited about the other clinics that will free me up to be able to do.

You may notice a distinct difference in my moods and posts when I cannot ride.  It is my therapy and going without can have adverse affects.  Also I hope to God my In-laws don't read my horse blog.  I am fairly certain they don't but if they do, they have never liked me anyways so I don't have much to loose.

Bitchfest 2012 is over.....for now.....


  1. you are superwoman. treat yourself to something nice when you get the chance. hot bath? glass of wine? chic flick? I am also feeling the effects of SAD and the fact that I cannot ride as much as I'd like. UGH.

  2. I totally feel your pain. Ugh :(

  3. I won't say "get over it" because I know these small frustrations can be maddening. I will say, from where I sit right now, that it could be so much worse. Imagine all your hope, love, your entire future, taken away in a single moment. That, I can tell you, is far, far worse. Enjoy a glass of wine or some spiked hot chocolate, take a deep breath, and love the moments of love and future that you have.

  4. Inlaws (even good ones) suck. Yours are not good ones. I'm sorry.

    I feel your financial pain, too. I have a sweet working student job, but it pays zero (essentially). I sort of doubt we'll even be able to xc school this year, based on how things are going.

    Your kids are adorable, your horse is a sweetie, and things could always be worse. They could also be better... have a drink?

  5. You know, if you can't say it on your blog, what good is it anyway! And my in-laws never liked me either :)

  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with venting on your blog. That's part of the therapeutic value of writing in them. Sorry you have rude, ungrateful in-laws. You did your good deed and until they return the favor then to heck with them. Wow I sound horrible lol. I just understand what it's like to be used and that makes me bitter I guess. Don't let today set the mood for your whole year. I made that mistake in 2011 and it was June before things got better because I finally changed my frame of mind. You should seriously try a vitamin D supplement (cheap at Walmart). It helps with my SAD so much!

    I hope Steady is okay.


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