Friday, January 13, 2012

The D word. Not four letters but still makes me cringe.

I tell you, as soon as I finally start to like I get a grasp on this thing called dressage.  That is when I realize how little I really know.  It is like an onion with layers and layers.  You can peel one away just to find another layer.  Like onions, it too, can make me involuntarily start crying(kidding of course.  Kind of).

I wish I could have seen this about two years ago when I started on this journey. 


  1. yes, this is what classical dressage riders say until they are blue in the face!

  2. Lovely video - thanks for posting it. I'll be watching more of those for sure!

    As the trainer said, classical dressage was initially created to strengthen and increase the useful life of the horse by encouraging him to move with a rider as he would without one. It takes a long time and lots of dedication to achieve correct dressage work - but it's well worth the wait. :)

  3. Awesome, informative video - so straight forward and easy to understand. Thank you for sharing it!!

  4. Some good reminders in here, thank you for sharing! The most important point of all: IT ALL TAKES TIME.

  5. I saw this video recently and really liked it. I'm with CFS I'm going to have to go watch more of them. :)


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