Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 plans for The Dude and I.

The Dude has been very unDude lately.  He has been kind of a prick.  He was especially awful for the farrier today, which has never happened before.  We had to have more than a few pressure and release session.

I like the word 'plan' most of all when contemplating a new year.  It gives me a rough outline but applies very little pressure.  Resolutions seem so absolute.  Goals sounds like if I don't attain them I have failed somehow.  When in reality if I get to spend the next year loving, enjoying, playing and with any luck even progressing with a horse in my life then I have not failed in any way.

When I think of the next year and what it might hold a few things come to mind along with some questions.  There is always the unknown but we plan to move ahead, making progress the best we can and rolling with the surprises along the way.

Novice is a given.  Our first event entry will be a novice schooling show.  Then to be followed by a recognized horse trial at Novice.  Then start prepping for Training level.  Schooling all 3 phases at Training.  I don't plan to move up to training this season I wouldn't add that kind of pressure.  I would like to compete solidly at Novice.  I would like to compete competitively at Novice before moving up.  I would like to start schooling at Training level in all 3 phases by the end of the season.  A year ago I would have never considered that I would plan to move to Training ever but as we progress it just seems like an inevitable step in the process.  I have no reason to put a cap on our progression and until I have a good reason I will just go with it.
I also have a goal of getting an actual dressage saddle so I am on the look out!  I don't need fancy or expensive(actually can't afford expensive) but it needs to fit.
With my daughter coming along now I am also going to need to start making room for her riding goals and progress, both in the schedule and in the budget.  I will add in kid/pony club plans too.
The rough outline

January, February
  • Survive the tough winter months with no indoor that is the best we can hope for.  I have no pressure on myself to accomplish anything these months.  Except for keeping buckets thawed, stalls clean and horses happy and healthy.  If I get extra inspired and weather cooperates I could possibly seek out a dressage instructor for a lesson or two on another mount.
  • One thing to look forward to in February is the IEA banquet!
  • Pony Club meets once a week at my house to study for quiz rally.

  • Pray that the weather/footing will begin to cooperate this month.  If so I will start regular riding to work off some of the winter/spring edge from the good ole Thoroughbred.
  • Quiz rally 16th

  • If we end up with mud like a typical Indiana spring we will focus on long and low at the walk and trot.
  • Daughter wants to compete at Heartland CT.  It would be her first CT!  My hear flutters thinking about it but since they are adding a step over class if nothing else I think my nerves could handle that.  Most likely she will be in a low X rail class.
  • See you at Rolex!!

  • Emerge from the farm and shake off the winter funk at Dorothy Crowell's farm in Frankfort, KY for a long weekend of training.  Instead of a clinic I am opting to travel and take personal lessons with one of my favorites. 
  • Novice schooling event

  • If I don't get to the schooling event in May, June will be the month for that.  Otherwise I will be focusing on working on what we were giving from Dorothy and the areas that shows inevitably bring to light.
  • Pony Club Camp
  • Fair is this month so there will be  much focus on the kiddos.
  • Pony Club Show Jump Rally and Dressage Rally

  • Pony Club D camp
  • Due to swealtering heat take it back a notch in work.
  • Recognized Horse Trial? 

  • OCTOBERFEST!!!   CT, Dressage and Hunter/Jumper show!  Such a fun show.  Who knows I may actually enter a class in the dressage show?  Plans to take the kid and Lily along to compete also!

  • CAF derby and fun show!


  1. Awesome plans! Hopefully this year brings a lot less drama and a lot more horse time for you!

  2. See you at Rolex, too!!
    And when you come down to lesson with Dorothy I will take you to lunch. :)

    1. My life with more Karen in it, I LIKE the sound of that!!!

  3. Looks like great plans! I also don't like the overtones that "resolution" brings with it...seems way too confining somehow! Good luck :)

  4. Sounds like a great 2013 :)

    Hope the Dude is a better Dude soon!

  5. Very fun!! Take pics of your daughter competing--that is going to be adorable. :)

  6. There are 3 used County dressage saddles at our barn right now. I can let you know details, if you are interested.

    We will be at Heartland in April also! Hope to see you and the daughter there...hmmmm...a step over class you say? Will have to look into that :) Riva's not to jump -but vet did not say anything about a step over!

  7. Fun, I reallllly want to go to Rolex this year too!
    Btw, did you see on my FB OTTB.Tee's page, someone commented that they knew Steady when he was a racer pony?? Legit? If so could be a fun connection! She commented under your picture! xo

    1. I just saw that Kristen. I think she is legit, I mean she said woodbine and he raced there for two years. I guess she could have done some research and seen his record but I don't know why. I am pretty excited to hear more from her!

    2. So fun!! Can't wait to hear more about it :)

  8. I'll be at Rolex too...we should all meet up!!

  9. Those look like great plans! I'm looking forward to following along with your progress. :D


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