Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Through a child's eyes.

Horsey goals in the eyes of a 9 year old horse obsessed little girl.  Here is a post of a short 'interview' with my daughter.

Hi, my  name is Elaina.  I  am nine years old.  I have been riding since I was five.  My pony's name is Lilly, she is a halflinger pony.  She is five years old.  I have been riding Lilly for 8 months.  I started riding her when she was first being saddle trained.  I have been teaching her a lot of things while I was still learning myself.
What was it like when you first started riding Lilly?
It was fun and sometimes hard.  She sometimes would run off and I had to learn how to stop her.  Sometimes she would win but I figured it out. On the ground she was really pushy.  I worked with her and taughter how to move her hind quarters, shoulders and how to back.  I did this better than my mom because I had more patience.

What things are you learning now and teaching your pony?
Right now I am learning how to jump.  I am trying to teach her to canter but she still gets off balance.  I am learning how to turn her with my legs and seat and not my reins.  I am trying to learn how to get her to stretch.

What is your favorite riding memory?
My first year as a 4-her I won the walk/trot equitaion class!

What do you want to learn this year?
I want to learn how to do a dressage test.  I also want to jump cross country again.  So some day I can do 3 day event. 
Do you want to show this year?  If so what shows are you most excited to do?
Yes!  I want to show a combined test at the Heartland regional horse show.  It would be my first combined test.
I love riding.


  1. Go Elaina! What a nice pony and a cute rider :)

  2. " I did this better than my mom because I had more patience." LOL!!! So adorable!

  3. Love this! I see another blogger in the making :)

  4. Awwww this is just sooo sweet, loved the comment about patience I have to admitting laughing at that!

  5. how cute and fun to read her answers! love it!

  6. Too cute! I really enjoyed reading what she wrote! :D


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