Sunday, January 20, 2013

The simple pleasures.

Mr. Sassy pants
Before we get to the bucking off incident I must share much cuter and fun news.  But first, we had a big scare with our little Hank last week.  My daughter was playing with him and accidentally stepped on him very hard as she was running.  He got under her feet and there was nothing she could do.  We thought we might loose him.  He wouldn't move for about 20 minutes acting completely paralyzed and once he did take a few steps we had a few seconds before he started vomiting blood.  It took about 3 days but he made a full recovery!  So he is back to his adorable puppy self and we have never been more thankful for a puppy to chew on everything in sight.  Once the chewing began we knew he would be ok.  Here is a mass photo and video dump of cute puppies and horses playing in the snow.

I think there is a common misconception that horse ownership is for the rich and glamorous.  Haha, if you think this is 'glamorous'

My barn gloves have seen better days.

Corgi Love!


  1. That top photo of Steady is stunning! He looks so regal.

    Your daughter must have felt horrible, though it was an accident. So glad Hank is fine and living the life.

  2. Oh I am so glad your puppy is ok! I once (accidentally) stomped on my little sister's bunny and killed him when I was young. I still feel guilty 20 years later. :(

  3. I am so happy for you that your puppy is ok, your daughter must feel so glad he's okay :). Love the pictures, sounds like everyone is having snow fun

  4. Everyone has a Corgi but me and that makes me a sadpanda :( But really, love the pictures!

  5. cutest little guy!! So glad hes ok!

  6. That first picture of Steady is sexy!!! Dang he's gorgeous!

    I'm sooo glad your puppy is okay. I would have had a panic attack! Give him a big hug for us please!


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