Friday, June 26, 2015

All the Happs

We've been doing a bit of this and that.   I kind of gave up on schooling dressage rides.  As per a previous post.   Just not in the mood.  Feel free to judge away.  See how much I care.  We will see how it works for us Saturday at or first show in a year and a half!   Can that be right?   So let's get this straight.   I am making the move to Novice after not showing for a year and a half. Having very little ride time in over a year and we pretty much gave up dressaging.  At least it's only a schooling CT.  Show jump is also in a grass arena.  I really dislike grass arenas to jump in.  We'll see how this goes.

Last Saturday we went and jump schooled in trainers arena.  Steady was almost damn near perfect.

Angling wide oxers on a 2 stride line, no bigs.

Maybe slightly lazy.  I'll take that any day if you know my horse.  just jumped every single thing calm cool and collected.  There was this one grid he didn't bother picking up his feet but that only happened once and it just made me laugh.   His perfection made me want to just start cranking up the height.  We need to jump higher 2'11"-3' just isn't enough any more. He doesn't have to try.

This is him not having to try.
Here is a link to a short video of you're interested.
And another of Steady thinking it was a snooze fest.

Tuesday we went out and trailered to the location of the show and the girls schooled their dressage tests.  Kelcie had never ridden in a dressage arena so it was all new to her.   I basically coached while on Steady bareback because some how my girth never made it in the trailer.

In all reality my CT with Steady is not really a concern.  Interesting feeling.   I am really just trying to make sure my kids are prepared.   I don't forsee anything being an issue for Steady. Man! That horse has grown up.  I don't feel any pressure to expect anything at this show for myself. If we get first place great.  If we get eliminated fine.  At least then I know where we stand and how to move forward.  It has been so long it almost feels like our first show again.   And for first shows there should be no pressure and that's where we are and it's ok. Because as much as I love horses,  riding and competing it just isn't my whole life.  Not even close.  I went from introducing one child into riding and the show world to now a second.  There just seems to be much more important things to me right now then being #1 or even simply  advancing anywhere.  I mean I started out on this journey with Steady just wanting to ride again and occasionally jump and now going Novice in Eventing seems no big deal.  It's fun, I love it but I just can't explain to you the pure elation watching your child's passion and excitement grow.  Then to see them achieve and succeed from square one to bad ass independent rider. It's better than any ribbon from any event ever.

So I get on my horse.  We have fun rides.   I put no pressure on either of us.  There are plenty of days we don't even ride and it's ok.  It's fun having fun and for now it's enough.


  1. Steady can do Novice in his sleep. You guys will rock it as per usual. :) And I also love seeing all the photos of the girls riding!! They are growing up so fast!

  2. Nothing wrong with focusing on your kids! You're such an awesome mom!! I think you'll do great at the show and I'm so happy you're feeling so relaxed about the whole thing. How old is Steady now? He really has grown up so much. You riding him bareback because you forgot your girth is awesome and made she grin!


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