Friday, June 19, 2015

Don't want to

We've all seen the "I don't want to adult" memes.  Today I need one that says "I don't want to people.  Don't make me people. "  Am I the only one out there that had days that they don't want to even be a part of the human race?   I pretty much just hate all man kind right now.  Except you guys of course!  Sorry I'm just coming on here to vent really.  But people just suck sometimes.  And sometimes it seems to just all hit you at once how much they really do.

On a less depressing note.  Monica, B, Steady , another friend, her horse and I along with our bribed little jump crew are going to jump school in trainers indoor tomorrow.   Win! Send us all the happs trailering vibes for B please!


  1. Sending good vibes! I'm a vet tech... I know what it's all about not to want to "people"... You're not alone and it's okay to hate the human race. I really think that the human race hates itself most of the time which is completely sad. But having things to look forward to like good friends, especially good pony friends, is what makes "people-ing" totally worth it!

  2. Oh yes. I felt this way a few weeks ago for sure. I hate when people disappoint us. I just try to extend grace, pray about it, set realistic (better yet, no) expectations and really weed out the bad apples/repeat offenders. Hugs & Hang in there!!

  3. oh yes. people. ugh.And other days they are great. it just depends on which ones you encounter.

  4. No you aren't the only one. I would be perfectly happy if the only humans I ever saw again were my parents, husband, brother and maybe three friends.... I want to be a hermit..... horses are way better than humans! :D


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