Friday, June 19, 2015

Moving on.

Moving on from my last self deprecating post.  And on to the next self deprecating post about something new.   This happens to actually have some thing to do with riding. Well at least attempting to ride. That brings us to my lesson on Wednesday.  E and I took a group lesson together.   How rad is that, that my daughter is at a place that we can feasibly share a lesson?  It's kind of a cool place to be.  Anyways.   Something happened in my brain at some point.  Or should I say some thing failed to happen in my brain.  We were told to go through a simple grid. We have done this a Milian and one times. And it all fell to crap.  Over and over just running, plowing through this grid.  So ground poles were placed and at some point my horse just jumped the ground poles set 9 feet after the jump with the jump. That is some spread.  I was at a loss.

My instructor said "can I get on so I can figure out what he is doing?"  I think I was off before she finished her sentence.   She got on and fixed what I was doing and then let me back on. I rarely see some one else ride my horse and while I'm probably very strange I stand there watching thinking,  "is my horse really that sexy?" He really is a sight to watch. I got back on and she reminded me how one is to ride through a grid and whaddaya know it was lovely. Though it was frustrating when I screwed it up she helped me figure out how to fix it and reminded me how to ride.   Man I'm out of practice.

E and Lily had a great lesson too.   They are doing great and having a blast.  They put together a full course.   And though she wouldn't admit it I'm sure it felt good to watch mom screw things up and get told what to do.

All three of us are going to a combined test next Saturday.  I was thinking it may have been 2013 the last time I have shown.   Holy crap!  I told you I was out of practice. I think I am most excited and terrified to see my youngest and the cutest little gray pony ever do their green as grass CT.  If I am not vomiting or peeing on myself with nerves I will video it for all to see. I don't really get show nerves when I show other that the excited butterfly ones.   But when my kids are showing I have uncontrollable nervous break downs.  I have never been able to even hold a video camera during their ride.   It is all I can do to not pass out.   It is really bad.   Maybe one of these days I will figure out how to deal with it better. Cause it is bad.


  1. now that your kids are turning into such little rockstars rider maybe they'll show so often that you just get used to it? it'll become routine? anyways sorry it was a rough lesson... grids can be jerks like that. but perhaps it was just what you needed to prep for your CT? good luck!

  2. It sounds like a good lesson for all! It's probably good for E to see that even with adults it doesn't always go as planned, but it will be okay. :) I'm excited about the show and I do hope you are able to video their rides! Have fun!!


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