Thursday, June 11, 2015

Livin' on Love

Horses. They don't need much.  Just a little love. That's it. Well, and an endless bank account. But that's it.   Oh yeah and hundred and hundreds of hours of your life.  Ok maybe a little more than just love but that's a cute sentiment. 

First off EF you blogger.  Why you delete my post?  I wrote a bunch of crap about how I am a low maintenance horse keeper and blah blah but now it's gone and I am not writing it again.  Basically I am writing about how our last place was crappy but we made do and my horses were happy and healthy and that is all that matters to me.  But that moving to our new place was a huge upgrade that I am not hating.  This is what happens when knowledgeable, experienced horse people build a barn.  They think of EVERYTHING.

They think of power.

Safely conduit covered plugs install above each stall.

They think of storage.
For all the things we need to hang.  Because horse people love hangy things.
For all the food and such.

For all the saddles. 3 horses 9 saddles?  Seems about right.  We do have portable racks just in case though.

Shelves for all the things. Because if you own horses you WILL accumulate a bunch of useful and useless things that you will need to put on a shelf.

For all the hay.  Enough storage for 400 bales of hay.  Oh how happy the Haflinger would be if we filled the barn with 400 bales of hay.
Tool storage.  A place to hang the many tools it take to keep a farm in ship shape.

They think of LIGHTS
And they didn't hold back with the lights.  There are florescent lights in the isle.  There are regular light bulb lights in the aisle

Lights outside the barn.  One of these on either end of the barn.  You can probably see us glowing from the space station.  Protected by a metal cover.  You can see an example of them in the picture of the feed room.

Lights in the round pen.
It's safe to say you will never be short on light around this place.  Though most of the lighting in the house is crap but who cares about that anyways.  They had their priorities in order.

They thought about the Aisle way
It only makes sense if you own horses to have an aisle big enough to pull truck fully loaded down with hay in it comfortably or even a hay wagon. 
Rubber mats down the entire aisle

They thought of Warmth
Completely insulated ceiling.  The barn is easily 15 degrees warmer than outside in the winter.
All the stalls are floor to ceiling solid wood.  There will be NO draft for you my spoiled ponies.

They thought of ventilation

Two huge doors on each end facing the direction that the wind blows 90% of the time.  In the summer the barn is 15 degrees cooler than outside.

They thought about Fat ponies
 Electrical outlets and a water spigot.
They have this fabulous dry lot for those of us that don't have the self control we need.  It's ok chubby ponies I can relate.
They have this amazing shelter because even chubby ponies need shelter.  A Nelson automatic waterer(love that thing), Lights(of course).   A gate big enough to fit the tractor for easy clean up.  If they can't be pigs they may as well be comfortable.
Rando photo of the coolest cat around.  Garfield.

They thought of comfort

The stalls are all roughly 12x12  Rubber matted, lighted, insulated, plugs.  What more could you want.

Walls and gates they can put their heads over.  Does wonders for bordom

They thought of beauty. Stained wooden stalls.  It's just perty 

They thought of putting kids on ponies in stalls...oh wait, no, that wasn't them.


  1. So awesome, love when something is not only done right but well!!

  2. I read this post nodding the full time in agreement. When we built our barn I was very clear on lighting, aisle width, lighting, stall size, lighting, hay, tack room (heated) storage and space for handy things. I have lots of hangy things.

  3. Argh crappy work WiFi deleting my first post. Anywho great looking barn, always nice to have power, and not off all extension cords.

  4. Love it! Gets me wanting horse property...
    Happy you have a great place for you and the family to enjoy :)

  5. that's it, i'm moving!! haha it's funny bc so many of the things i appreciate in my barn (the one i board at, sadly i don't have my own lol) or wish were different are covered in this post. i am at heart a very practical gal and your place ticks off all the important details!

  6. It is awesome to move into a turn key horse place...looks lovely!

  7. Wow.... I thought the trails and beach were awesome, but the barn.... just wow!!! My barn is a three sided run in shed that is muddy and nasty and doesn't drain well and has no stalls or lights or anything... yeah mega envious lol. I'm so happy for you guys!!


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