Saturday, February 5, 2011

9 years ago...

9 years ago on Feburary 2nd 2002 Puxatony phil emerged and saw his shadow.  Also there was an ice storm in NW IN/SW MI which left the snowy ground and trees covered with a shiney coat of beautiful ice.  As if God was just putting his finishing touches to make it the perfect winter wonderland.  It was also the day I walk down the aisle arm in arm with my Daddy and married the man of my dreams.  I was inspired by Kristen at Sweet Horses Breath with her last post about those whose passion and love for the equines in their lives felt it neccessary to make them a part of that unforgettable day when you make your vows.  I, at the time, recently out of college had no horses in my life but that did not stop me from making sure that I could have every thing I love be a part of this day that would change the rest of my life.

Some have limos meet them as they leave the church as onlookers wave goodbye.  Others have facy sports cars none of which were appealing to me.  So our form of transport was a  horse drawn carraige slowly troting down the street as we wave to onlookers.  A white horse pulling a white carraige amidst the back drop of shiney ice covered snow and the little white chapel where the days events had taken place.  It all made for the picture perfect day!  A day that will always be so dear to my heart as the perfect day to marry the man I love.  I am going to share some of that day with you.


It was a day out of a story book.

PS  Sorry abou the quality in the photos.  I had the best photographers on the planet (My Dad is a professional and so is my b-i-l plus 2 other photographers plus a videographer were there that day)  That is what happens when your parents are professional photoraphers they go a bit  But these were the days before digital was full blown...wait does that mean I am old??  So the photos are scanned in so I lost the wonderful quality.


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful! I can't believe 2002 was 9 years ago! Its amazing how things have changed in the last decade. I remember being in sixth grade when the cell phones became popular and were black and white. Now everyone has them with color and apps!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love a winter wedding! Great photos and smiles :)

  3. Beautiful pictures!! You had such a gorgeous wedding. :) Happy anniversary!

  4. Thanks for watching Chrome's video. I'm staying calm and feel the same that you do. I did call my farrier though and showed her the video so she's coming out today so that she can check him out for me. I'm thinking he just overdid it in the mud we've had and he's also been looking gawky again so it could be another growth spurt. I like to make videos when he's a little off so I have a record of his lameness in case this does turn into something later down the road. Thanks again!


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