Monday, February 28, 2011

Horse show, saddle search and tack stores...oh my!

Saturday was "MY" day.  Ain't nothing gonna get me down!  I have been all work and no play lately and I think the saying goes 'all work and no play makes Mama a grumpy grumpy lady', or something like to that effect.  So I planned my day Saturday and I was going to enjoy every moment.  I first headed over to Come Again Farm.  I originally planned to volunteer but with so few entries and working the night before that kinda fell by the way side considering I didn't even make it until 11 am.  So I just popped in to say hi to a few chums and meet up with my good pal to go to some tack stores.

Oh man it felt good to stand around talking to Eric and Lee Ann while watching horses warm up.  It was an exciting time with all the horses being pretty jumpy and there were a few "Mr. Toad wild rides" as Lee Ann called them.  Now we could all stand there with our noses in the air and make our judgements but not the CAF crowd.  And that is one reason I fell in love with eventing the people are so great and from what I hear this is pretty much across the board for eventers.  So instead of just gazing at the horse dancing around at the mounting block you lend a hand like Eric did and this is just the way it goes and I love it.  And second we all live in Indiana and the kind of winter we have had there was almost no way to have consistent riding time and all the horses we feeling good!  Though they had no problem making fun of me and the way I was dressed but I cannot say I blame them I was not dressed appropriately for the barn in February but since I was spending a majority of the day at tack stores then going to friends for dinner I kind of dressed for that but it made me look like a dooface at the barn.  Standing there listening to Lee Ann that woman is amazing in more ways than one but when it comes to being an instructer/trainer she has eyes that see things that most people just don't see.  Then her ability to convey that what she sees to the rider to get the correct response whether is be for the rider or the horse is a phenomenon.  WOW all I could think is I need to get here for lessons because that is exactly what Steady and I want and need...really she is amazing!

I had my eye out for a particular pair some of you may read Karen and Hampton from CONTACT.  I started reading her blog a long time ago and recently realized we would be crossing paths this summer at CAF.  I was excited to see them in real life.  So in watching people warm up for a while I think I picked them out but for fear of seeming stalker like I didn't introduce myself.  Sorry Karen.  It is weird sometimes I am extremely out going and others I have a hard time jumping out of my shell.  I just didn't know do you just go up to someone and say "hi, I read your blog and I have been searching and eyeing everyone here to find you and introduce myself".  It just felt weird to me.  But I did see them do one of their test and they are just a lovely pair.  She is obviously a fantastic, quiet rider and Hampton is handsome and has his head on straight espcially for his age.  I believe it was their first show together.

Then S and I jumped in my truck and headed to Buckaroo tack shop.  We were not suppossed to be buying anything and go figure I walk in the door and at the first rack I find a coat for me and decide to buy it.  Though I did need a coat badly and then when  I showed back up at the barn I could kind of redeem myself.  We looked around, sat in some saddles, looked at people boots, horse boots, blankets, pads, girths and cloths.  They were having good sales and they told us that they were going out of business :(.  So if you need a blanket for next year of some cute horse themed clothes or boots or lots of other stuff they are discounting everything.  It is primarily a western store so though fun it is not one of those tack stores that you cannot pull me from.  I bought my coat and left.  Ran back to CAF and grabbed some food.  Oh if you are ever there for a show the family they have do their concessions is amazing.  Their food is too die for.

Then we scooted off to Grand Champion Tack and Saddle to sneak in 20 min before closing.  And this is the kind of store I could spend $1000's in a bat of an eye.  But my primary goal was to try on helmets.  I have not yet ordered one because I wanted to try on some to get an idea of my size.  Lo and behold they had IRH!  I was so happy.  I thought for sure they would only carry CO and GPA all of which were not on my list.  Sadly the IRH's did not fit well.  They are made for round heads and well I guess mine is not.  Of course the CO fit lovely but I was not sold.  The JR8 was in my price range but I was not happy with the harness on it.  But she showed me one they had just got in.  It was and IRH elite I belive but I cannot find the exact same one online anywhere.  But it does look very similar to this but it was suede and this one appears not to be.  It did seem to fit more oval type heads and it seemed to be a perfect blend of traditional show helmet and sporty eventing helmet.  So though it was bit higher in price it would eliminate the need for a second vented, sporty helmet.  But they did not have my size in stock so I couldnt get an exact idea of the fit.  They should be coming in soon so they are going to give me a call when they do.  If that doesn't work I may be going with a CO skull pro.

Then lastly the saddle issues.  That was another problem I wanted to get some more answers for that day.  So asking around at CAF Lee Ann said she was having a saddle fitter come in for a clinic in April!!!!  The saddle fitter is not brand specific which is exactly what  I wanted.  So I am making plans to be there with Steady on April 30/May1.  And we have decided to go western until then if the weather cooperates enough to even ride.  But I have decided I am just not comfortable riding him in that saddle anymore because I know it is hurting him.  Phew I didn't mean for the post to be this long but it was a great day!!!  Thank you sooooo soooo much for all of your help in the saddle and shopping dilemas.  I am still on the hunt and still would love all the tips and advice you want to send my way.  Then come April we will be as perpared as one can be.

Then the day ended at a friends for dinner and that was just lovely.  It was "MY" day and it was a great one.


  1. Good plan with the western saddle--a poorly fitted saddle can have serious consequences.

    And I am SOOOOO incredibly jealous about the non-brand specific saddle fitter. That sounds amazing. Good luck!

  2. The CAF show was such a blast!! I was hoping to run into you but I also did not want to seem like a stalker and go around asking the volunteers "Hey, are you Amy?" LOL!!! I am sure we will meet up at another CAF show. I will be going to more - so fun! Thank you for your compliments. Hampton was a good boy. We had our bobbles but i was so so so pleased with him. 64% our first time out. I'll take it! :) I didn't know Buckaroos was going out of business ... I have always liked that store, even though it's mostly western. Anyway, sounds like you had a fun shopping day. Grand Champion is evil ... I can't go in there and walk out without having spent at least $100. LOL!

  3. I do remember Lee Ann making that comment about trying to make your horse presentable in february! I THINK I saw you but it did not click in my head that it was you! LOL!! I was dressed in all black, and Hampton is hard to miss seeing as how he is giant and gangly and he does have a very distinct face. I also made an effort to braid. :) Well, next time I will be sure to find you because I do want to meet you! And I want to meet Steady, too! Oh and the woman who makes the food at CAF? OMG - SO GOOD!!! The brownies were like crack!

  4. I know right?! I had one about as big as my head and it was oh so yummo. We will meet one day soon!

  5. Sounds like such a fun day!! I'm glad you had a good time. :)

  6. Hehe thanks for commenting. I think I actually made it sound more dangerous than it was. :) They've both been trained to run with a bike separately, this was just the first time I've taken them together. They know not to cross in front and they weren't pulling (well Storm was a tiny bit - it actually felt like doing half halts on a horse). Just thought I was relieve some worry in case you thought I was out to get myself hurt hehe. :D


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