Monday, February 28, 2011

Boo flipping hoo.

 I was determined that I would be at the show in April but since we will most likely won't even have a saddle by then we will be pushing to make it in May.  My patience is going to really be put to the test.  I have a horse I have a wonderful horse that likes to learn, enjoys dressage, jumping and is good at it but because of a saddle I pretty much have to just stand there and look at him in the pasture.  boo flipping hoo...I know I sound pitiful but really my patience is not well devloped so this is the real me.  But I guess that is the best you could ask for from readin my blog.  The real me.  I am disappointed, frustrated, annoyed and all I want is a saddle that fits my horse so him and I can enjoy working together. 

It was one thing for the weather to stop us.  I mean there is no way I can control that and even then I did everything I could to get out and any opportunity.  But for a saddle to keep me from my goals is just so frustrating to me.  I mean how is it that hard to find a saddle that doesn't hurt my horse?  I just want to keep track on our goals and our goal was to show in April.  So at this point I won't even have a saddle by then.  Don't get me wrong I am completely stoked about getting fitted properly and I don't mind riding western but I cannot to an eventing derby in a western saddle.

I think the biggest issue is that I NEED A GOAL.  Without goals I become discouraged and hopeless.  A goal is what keeps my mind working.  Otherwise I just start to get caught up in not having a goal.  An awful weakness but again this is who I am.  It makes me a very focused and driven person.  But without a goal it can quickly turn me into a downtrodden mopey person.  Well that is until I find another goal! 

Eureka I think I have it.  I am going to work in our western saddle toward the goal of showing in April.  Who knows maybe by then something may come up even if temporary but could work for this short time span.  Because really the most important thing is not about the show because that is the end result of the work but the important part is the work.  Because the bottom line is Steady needs muscule!  And I can build muscule in any kind of saddle or without a saddle.  So if my goal is just to get him and I fit then well that is a fantastic goal that will lead us to meet any other goals when this saddle problem is settled.

Ok so this post is kind of all over the place.  I started out in the middle of a pity party and throughout the process of the post worked myself through the ended on a good note.


  1. Hey I have a Collegiate Close Contact saddle that I am not using at the moment. I honestly don't know what the tree size is - but likely in the medium range. I think the seat size is a 17 or 17.5 (again, I can't really remember). You are welcome to try it if you want! I can bring it to you, ship it to you, meet you somewhere halfway for it ... etc. I thought I would offer it to ya. Don't know if it's Steady's type of saddle or not. :)

  2. There are also cheapie but comfy bareback pads on ebay all the time... I know u said Steady's back was a bit 'rough' to ride but a nice pad may take care of that and help build his muscles up while you wait.

  3. Are you serious?! I would LOVE to try it and see. I have not idea what type of saddle is Steady's type. I guess that is what I am trying to figure out. I would absolutely try it to see if it could get us through. I don't know exactly where you are but I do need to go back to Grand Champion to try that IRH helmet they called today to say it is in already. Is that halfway? Or if it is easier to ship I could pay the cost for that or what ever is convienient for you. I would be so very grateful to you. Oh thank you so much!!!

  4. Yeah I was going to say bareback, but I forgot how uncomfortable his back is. Bareback is so great for working on your balance and core strength while working on his fitness level. Even if all you do are long trots to build his endurance that's better than nothing. Maybe a bareback pad would help. I hope Karen's saddle works out for you in the short term. You could also work on your fitness separately, weight lifting and running for you and lunging for Steady. I'm sure you'll do just fine and it will all work out. :)

  5. Drat the saddle fit delimas!!I'm so sorry! And I do understand the feeling well , that discouragement and concern over making it "right" for the horse you love.

    I have had 5 saddles in 5 years! My mare gets pressure sores and angry and doesn't want to go at all sometimes.I had to listen and stop using the saddle altogether.

    I have been riding a "Cashel soft saddle" w/o the stirrups and recently a "THINLINE" bareback saddlepad soince last AUGUST!! I am loving the easy, willing and happy mare I have now!
    Total transformation.
    Plus the bonus of getting a really good core going and balance, confidence.

    I have researched all kinds of saddles and set my heart on one that can be fit for the both of us.( 9 video's on YOU TUBE "saddle Fit 4 life")
    But am discouraged with how long it'll take to save for a "used" one even.

    So then, set my sights on a "Treeless" one that was very concientiously made, "FREEFORM". It is the most English looking.I saved since last AUG. was about to get it this mo for trial....
    THEN- discovered- "ANSUR" saddlery.

    If you go to the web site- and click at the top link to "About US"" Bronze, VP of R&D".
    It is the story, that could be ours, with a top Dressage horse that stopped wanting to do anything the owner asked. I cried when I read it. It was us. In fact...most of the stories resemble us.

    I hope you can find your answers too! They really are talking to us and trying to describe needs. you are so good to listen Amy!

  6. PS
    THERE IS A "ANSUR" beautiful barely used, "ELITE" saddle on E BAY -right now- over $1,000 cheaper than what they go for. The seller is willing to allow you MORE time to try it out as Demo than any saddle maker would!
    I almost did it...buit decided for the Multi Purp saddle.


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