Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A wild, but good ride!

We got out today and took our first spin in our western gear.  Well partly western.  I still used my same bridle.    So what do you call that?  Front end english, back end western.  And what do you know this man looks good in anything.

My shaggy big boy sporting his western gear and playing with his lead.

It was a beautiful sunny, sunny day!  The high was only like 45 but the sun and a little breeze it was lovely.  We actually had a little fun with the sun.

Ok Mom what in the world are you doing??  Me likes to go go go...

Look at my boys basking in it....I love this sight!  The herd leader of course will not lay down.  He has to be ready to lead the heard from all the appearent danger lurking.

Little Snappy almost blends in over to the left but he is soaking up some rays.

Speaking of lurking danger.  Obviously it was around every corner today.  Like when we went out to the mail box to mail off a bill and he jumped out of his skin and almost right into the wagon with little Kelcie.  Then the phantom boogie man jumped out of now where and he did a little dance.  Oh and the empty bags of feed those were flying backwards with your head flinging caliber.  He was a goof and obiviously a little paranoid but with the sunshine beating down on us nothing was going to get us down.  Well that is unless one of his silly moves dumped me but thankfully I was able to stay in my seat and that was probably thanks to that lovely western gear.

The best part is there was no bolting like we had with the poorly fitting saddle so I am hoping this means he is comfortable in this one.  We will see.  But I was able to get him round and supple and didn't push him too hard.  I wanted him to know that it made me happy he was willing and working like I was asking.  We still have to work through the mud but it was doable.  No cantering and I am just not comfortable doing that with the footing I have right now.  I tried a couple other things we don't usually do and I hope to add more in since we will be restricted to mostly walk trot for a while.  We worked on backing which he did fairly willingly.  I am hoping to get better and even do some S movements backing.  Then I was asking him to sidestep over a pole.  He kept trying to back and it was obvious he did not know what I wanted  and go flustered and even threatened a buck.  So we went into a trot to work a few times around and let him be.  No reason to push it, we have time.

So for as crazy as the ride was I was happy with it and can't wait to get out again tomorrow before the rain comes for the weekend.

Best view on earth.


  1. I'm glad he seems happier in the saddle--it's great when they're opinionated enough to let you know.

    He looks cute western. Almost natural, really.

  2. Good for you, knowing what not to push...even with the Western riggin'!

    Loved all your showdow shots! Lovely to be in the SUNSHINE upon always have a rding partner that way.
    That pony, laying over, while the lead horse watched, is the cutest thing!

    My mare dislikes polls under her too...either she wants them in front or behind- but under, ticks her off. I practice her sidestepping over them(which is difficult for her to do) while in hand. She stresses over it..but I just do it with a treat per- one correct, calm step at a time.

    I'm saving for my next saddle too, to please my mare ANSUR treeless. Then I'll start to save for the Western one after I have always wanted one with this mare!

  3. Adorable! I love him in his western gear! Yay for cowgirls!;)

  4. Hey! My e-mail is
    I can come to Indy next week - even meet you at Grand Champion is that works - and bring the saddle. :)

  5. Wow great pictures! I'm glad he was feeling spunky and happy in his western saddle. :)


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