Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've got a good feeliing about things to come!

Two days on one day off, today on, tomorrow off, Saturday on and Sunday we ride in a jump clinic with Charles Pinnell.  This being our first "real" week seriously back into training.  Up until now we have been just trying to work our way back into riding.  And with just one week back at it I'd have to say I am extremely pleased!

Ok I have to get one thing straight, not that it is not obvious but I just have to put it out there.  I don't know all this fancy fandangled dressage, perfecto riding language.  Up till now I have been wingin' it trying to explain the best I could what was going on in our rides but I am kinda tired of trying.  At some point I am sure more of it will come to me but don't come here expecting some sort of education in riding or the lingo used to describe it.  Phew glad that is over with.

But what I do know is I like what I am seeing.  If we can progress at the pace we have been this past week we have a great year ahead of us!  I can't wait to see where this year will take us!

Here is my guy.  I have already started to see some muscule developing and even the dip in his neck filling in!

 He is such a treat to ride.  He gives me his all every time and today I think he actually enjoyed jumping.  He was forward but not overly strong that I had to hold him back.  We galloped through the feild!!!!  I have not at any point until today felt he was under control enough to gallop out.  And it felt SO good and it was SO fun!  And I could tell he was loving it too!  In our flatwork he was reaching for the bit not that my contact is great but he is trying.  His canter is coming along but more than anything his is trying.  He is listening to me and he wants to please me.  I cannot imagine this progress without having lessons.  Well I know it wouldn't have happened.  I know now that if I can afford nothing I must afford lessons at least once a month if not twice.  Man I lucked out with this amazing horse.


  1. So glad to hear good progress! I do indeed see some nice muscle definition developing in his shoulder.

  2. He is looking great! He sounds like such a good boy. I mean that's most of the battle won if you have a horse with a good mind who tries so hard for you. The rest will come along! Looking forward to your clinic report. :)

  3. I'm glad to hear things are going well with getting back into training. Don't you just love spring? :) I can't wait to hear how the clinic goes.

    Oh and I know you said you didn't want to know but I learned the dressage terminology by googling it, watching YouTube videos and when I was a kid reading tons of books and magazines. :) I love to read though so it didn't even feel like studying. Have fun at the clinic!


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