Monday, March 28, 2011

Charles Pinnel Jump clinic.

So the scoop on the clinic from yesterday.  Well I guess I will start from the begining.  I woke up early to get the family going for the early service at church so I could make it back in time to hit the road.  I needed to be moving around 11:30 am to make optimum time.  So back from church about 11 am I was in a crunch.  Ryan made lunch while I started packing up.  Packed everything in the truck and ran inside to quickly scarf my lunch, which I wasn't hungry for with my nerves from rushing and the clinic but couldn't not eat it after my husband made it for me.  Done and now time to load up Steady and hit the road.  about 15 minutes late but no biggie still had enough time to get there tack up and warm up for a few minutes.  The trip there went off without a hitch and now my confidence is starting to build again with hauling alone.

We unloaded and he of course was just an old pro.  No big deal.  He always throws his head way in the air as soon as we get out of the trailer to make his grand entrance but other than that he just follow right behind me as I have him, along with arm loads of stuff to carry in the barn.  I mean I wouldn't want to have to make two trips.  No the truth is I HATE to leave my horse unattended when I am traveling alone.  I know Steady and he can in a moments notice turn into a pill.  Not often but he can.  I cleaned him up the best I could.  He wasn't to bad just shedding quite a bit.  I was curious who I was riding with and soon a teeney bopper and her mother started getting her horse ready.  So I figured it was her.  She informed me that there was another girl riding and that there must be 3 of us riding together, followed by her statement, "well thats a bummer".  I agree, I was bummed to be riding with her and another teeney bopper  All tacked up I picked Steady's feet and headed in the arena to warm up.  He warmed up quite nicely.  This particular arena can be rough on him because it has pretty deep footing.

Then Charles had us come to the center for introductions.  I explained that Steady and I have spent the last almost year either getting him acclimated to life away from the track or working on dressage and have spent very little time on jumping.  He is also the least fit of the 3 of us :( but such is life when you don't have an indoor and you have had the winter we have had.  To be continued....

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  1. Argh! Darn to be continued . . . can't wait to read more. And good job on hauling alone. That would have been terrifying to me. :)


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