Thursday, March 24, 2011

Responsibilities, Responsischmilities.

Yes it was 70 degrees yesterday.  Yes it was lovely and sunny.  Yes I was having visions of me floating dreamily aloft my fluffy pony having the most spledidly serendipitous ride.  There was perfect gaits, balance, contact, dressaggieness going on.  We easily glided over 3'3" fences me with perfect position that just screamed Rolex material!  All while I was hauling wheel barrow fulls of poo to the compost pile, stripping stalls, cleaning the barn, switching loads of laundry, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning the house top to bottom, washing out sap holding/boiling containers, homeschooling and being a drill sargeant perfect mother.

Need I say no riding went on?  Dare I mention it dropped 50 degrees last night if you take into account the wind chill?  Now visions of me shivering stiffly atop my lanky steed are dancing through my head.  This is me not complaining and laughing in the face of mother nature and saying, "thanks for the reality check"...that sometimes life gets in the way and weather does not cooperate but it doesn't change the fact that my pony is mine and I am his and we don't need no stinkin'perfect ride to stay madly and hopelessly in love!  So in my evilest, maddest tone, "BWAHAHAHA, responsischilities and mother nature, BWAHAHAHA, you ain't got nothin' on me!"

(disclaimer, I may have momentarily lost my mind and frightened my childern and made them wonder at what age they are going to be caring for the coo coo Mama.  I am not held responsible for anything said or done in the process of writing this post.)  Signed, Amy


  1. Don't you LOVE Indiana!?!?! Some peeps south of us got HAIL. We just got a nasty little thunderstorm and the temps plunged. Oh yeah, I was riding when that happened. lol!

  2. When we have really warm days and I have to do chores instead of riding I say to myself: "Oh, the poor horse still has his winter coat. It's far too hot to ride him. I'm doing him a favor!" It makes me feel better.

    Spring will be here soon. Then we can all complain about it being too hot to ride! Bwahahaha!

  3. The weather here is totally nuts. I'm baffled by people who like spring. It's too confusing. Fleece breeches with long underwear one day, sweating in the summer lightweights the next. Huh?

  4. Yep our weather was in the eighties and now they are saying possible snow next week?? What! I'm not happy, but at least it will be short lived.

  5. I love your attitude! Spring in Nova Scotia changes just as quickly, although we aren't getting anything in the 70's yet! Won't be long...


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