Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hunkered down in east central Indiana.

We got about 1/2 of ice last night which caused no damage.

 Other than the fact that I had to keep the horses in their stalls for 24 hours straight and it will probably be at least 48 until they get to see the light of day again.  It is just not pretty.  My pasture...

yeah solid sheet of ice.

Alot of it looks like snow but take a step and it is like an ice skating rink.

The worst is yet to come.  1/2 to 1 inch of ice is starting now.  That means no power for us which means no water and of course no heat.  The water is my biggest concern though.  I have the trough completely full which I can use for filling buckets.  I also have 5-5 gallon buckets full for back up.   This happened 6 years ago and we did not have power for 4 days.  It is hard to think how we will manage if that happens again but it will be much easier now that I do not have a little new born and a 1 year old.  The kids can now keep warm better since they are older.  And we will be driving to the gas station down the road if we run out of water for the horses.  So glad we have my truck to help out with those types of tasks. 

Doesn't she look ferocious with her ice teeth?

One thing the ice does do is make for some pretty cool scenery. 

I love these individual blades of grass covered in ice

Our very droopy pine tree.  You can normally walk under the bottom branches that are now touching the ground.

But lots of ice and very strong winds makes for some dangerous conditions.  So the horses are tucked into their stalls though antsy for dinner and wondering why I am just standing there when they hungry.

Blaze has a demon eye going on but I swear he is the sweetest animal to ever walk the face of the earth.  A pregnant Bubbles(awww tiny goat babies) in the back and little Louise and her fluffy self.

Kisses is my chore buddy.

 and we are snug in the house.  After going out and doing chores and snapping pictures there is nothing better than coming in to this....

and this.
Really though ice is scary.  When you are laying in bed and every couple seconds you hear limbs snapping hitting the ground and your house you just don't know what you will wake up to.  I guess we will see what this will bring.


  1. I hate ice more than anything - we're just getting 18" or so of snow and that is better than ice. Hope you all survive OK.

  2. Love the truck! Mine is also that color of blue. :-) Stay safe with the ice, I'm going to attempt to see my horse tomorrow but it's nasty out there.

  3. Love the ice covered pictures - great shots :) Stay safe in the ridiculous weather!

  4. omg..stay warm and yes on keeping the horses inside. We are due to get mass amounts of snow here in Michigan..no ice that I know of although windy and cold may produce that. I wish I could tuck Laz into my bed!!!

  5. Brrr! Looks cold. Like the truck!

  6. Great ice shots. Glad you're in by a cozy fire with a mug of something hot (that's a beautiful mug).

  7. Awww, your kitty matches our farm kitty, Jimmy. I think they are twins!

  8. The ice is gorgeous in an "Oh how nice, I hope I never see it up close" sort of way. Good luck to you guys. Summer is coming. It's just closer to me than it is to you. (That said, it was 5f this morning. Brrr.)

  9. Ice is awful! It does make pretty pictures but it's so dangerous. I hope you don't lose any big trees and you don't run out of water and everyone is okay. Stay warm and safe!


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