Friday, February 11, 2011

Not much to write about.

This photo has nothing to do with this post.  It is just so much nicer to see picture than just words in a post.  This was last fall after a long drought filled summer.  So everything is dead but this is our pasture with 3 of my 4 lovelies.  Blaze is hard to get in the picture since he spends most of his time with the goats.  Our property goes back to that treeline you see in the distance.  So though I may not have every ammenity in life when it comes to my horses I am pretty damn lucky to have this out my back door!!!!
So I haven't had a whole lot to write about.  The horses are getting out during the day now,Yay!  It has been so wrechedly cold outside that my interaction with the horses has been.  Feeding, turning out, cleaning stalls, bringing in, feeding, give them a kiss goodnight and run back inside before an appendage falls off due to frost bite.  Good news on the horizon it seems, with temps rising into the 40's this week.  Though it may turn terrible footing into bad footing.  We shall see.  I know there will not be any cantering in our near future but maybe some nice trail rides.  I need to ask some neighbors around this area to see if they will let me ride on their property.  I don't how people are about that these days though, so we will see.

I think I will take some time with Moonlight to check all is still working with him as far and go, stop and turn buttons but as long as everything checks out I may take my daughter out on a trail ride.  Even the though of it makes me nervous.  The last trail ride I went on with her was when that little girl had that terrible spill.  It is not scarey for me to get back up after that but I for some reason feel I am subjecting my daughter to unnessecary danger.  So maybe a trail ride will not be coming this week but maybe a nice leisurely ride in our "arena".

Speaking of our "arena" I put it into quotation marks because it is not completely fenced in.  I have plans though as soon as the ground thaws to finish fencing it off.  I don't see the money coming in for the footing as of now but I will feel much more comfortable having it fenced in.  Right now it has 3 of the 4 sides fenced in so I only have a section about 200 feet long to fence off.   My plan is to make a 40x20 meter arena.  I have the space for that and I figure I can practice dressage tests just fine in the size.   I mean we have the space for any size arena I would want with 15 acres but the space that I want to put it is probably about a 200 foot square.  It is right next to the house, close to the barn and easily accessible.  I have been riding there for a year and the drainage seems to be pretty good.  There are a few low spots but not so much that they flood.  It is right next to the back yard so I can watch the kids play from the arena.  My dream arena would be first graded, then proper footing laid(a mixture of rubber and sand) then fenced in with the same beautiful board fence that our pature has.  Buuut in reality my arena will be a fenced off area using corner posts, t-posts and a mesh fencing with an entrance gate.  That will be a grassy area that the footing will be hit or miss depending on the weather.   I am just happy and content to have my horse in my back yard to play with any time I please and just riding for my love of riding.

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  1. I wish I could have an arena. We only own two acres so no room there. I'm afraid to put anything on the lease land that can't be moved or taken back down. I'll probably just end up using cones to mark a twenty meter circle. Then again who knows where we will be in another year or two. We might move to a new house with more land. :)


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