Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday the temps reached 37 for a good part of the afternoon so after about 5 hours the ice was FINALLY breakable by the horses weight.  It was about 10 pm when I finally felt comfortable enough for them to be let out.  I would not have done it if I were not confident that the ice was breakable BUT I was still very very nervous that they were going to do something stupid because of all that pent up energy.  It was exactly 7 days since they were last let out. 

I was not even sure that I was going to make it the 15 feet from their stall to the pasture alive.  Everything even the shadows because horse killing monsters and  they were all over the place.  I finally got them all out and they of course went crazy.  Kicking, rearing, bucking and all sort of shenanigans.  They were mostly trying to kill each other.  I was watching them and thinking that horses are no different than humans in the fact that they take out there frustrations on those they are closest too.

There was no way I was going to fall asleep knowing all that was going on out there so I pulled my truck up facing the pasture.  Turned on the headlights and babysat them until about 1 am.   At that point they finally returned to life as usual.  Hanging out by the round bale, munching.  They now have been out from 10 pm to now (3:30) and I will leave them out until this evening when they will go in for the night.  The temps are dropping very low again so I like to bring them in when it is that cold at night.  I am crossing my fingers that the temps dropping doesn't turn the pasture back to solid ice.  Oh I hope it doesn't.  Low 17 tonight and 6 tomorrow night...I personally think Puxatony Phil was lying.  The 10 forcast is looking promising for next week though!!!  Low to mid 30's all week and sunny!!!  Not only will the horse be out but I may even get a chance to ride!!!


  1. So glad your critters finally got out! Lovely forecast this week. We need to just hang in there and next week will be better! :-)

  2. Bless your heart babysitting the horses from your truck! Too sweet :) I hope you get to ride soon!

  3. I'm so glad they finally were able to get out and exercise a little. I can't believe you stayed up so late watching them. I would have been passed out by midnight lol. You're a good horse momma. :) I hope next week turns out pretty for you so you can ride.


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