Monday, August 1, 2011

Everybody's workin' for the weekend!

At least at my farm they were.   All for this and I am very very happy with this view.

 I was dreaming of sneaking in early morning rides but sadly that didn't even happen one time.  Ok we have 15 acres, 2 fenced in for pasture, 9 are used by a farmer to plant soy beans, 2 are my front yard, and 2 are my side yard.  I spend most of my riding time in my side yard but as the months have gone on we did not mow with hopes that we would fence it in so the grass has gotten out of control.  Problem #1 very little grass in our current pasture.  When we fenced in the 2 acres I was not mature enough to do the responsible thing and wait to get a horse for a year to let the pasture be planted and get established.  Me mature?!  HA!  Nope, not a chance, I bought my horse about 2 days before the fence was actually completed!  I had waited 15 long years since having my own horse in my life again I didn't want to wait another day.
That brings us to problem #2 we have lovely grass and lots of it just on the other side of the fence.  With out the money to put a permanent fence that I would love to do I really wanted to at least temporarily fence off the area so I could stop feeding hay and they could eat the over abundance of grass.

The idea of feeding hay and paying someone to mow down all that grass went against every bone in my body.  Thankfully I have a husband that hates horses!  OH wait, thats not right. Let me try again.  Thankfully I have a husband that hates horses but love ME!  He spent most of his weekend outside in the 105 degree temps (with HI) sweated through multiple shirts.  Cut down small trees, ripped out bad fencing, pounding in posts, stringing up poly tape and ultimately making it so my horses could put themselves to good use and mow down that pasture.  I too spent my weekend doing those things but I did it out of the love of my animals and the sake of saving money.  He has blisters, I have calouses, we both have sore muscles but it is done.  The most fun part was ripping out a good amount of the fence along with small trees and a huge post with my truck, haha that was awesome.   And now we have some happy horsies!

Putting my truck to good use!


  1. Congrats on the new fence! 2 notes: get t post caps so horses don't impale themselves. And also, just in case you didn't read about it, Dodge has issued a recall on their trucks, 2003-2011, the tie rod ends are blowing out (BAD!!). I couldn't remember what year yours was, wanted to give you a heads up!

  2. Hooray new fence!! It looks good.

    Though I'm with eventer79--t post caps are cheap and can save you major vet bills and hassles later.

  3. Awesome! Congrats on the fence. That's sweet that your husband helped considering his . . . dislike of the horses lol. You both did a great job and it looks very nice.


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