Friday, August 26, 2011

I am the minority and I know why.

One thing that really stuck out to me at event camp that I doubt anyone else really payed much attention to was the fact that of all the people I met while there I did not meet one person my age that had small children.  I doubt that was just coincedental.  I met a few people my age, non with chldren, alot that were younger and many that were older than I.  Out of everyone I met I only met one woman who even had children.  She was a probably 10 years older and her children were too.  It just really became clear to me that it is not the norm to be able to juggle a young family and this sort of consuming hobby.

Come to think of it out of all the blogs I follow I can think of only 2 that have young children.  This may be known to all of you but for me it was  revelation.  I mean it makes total sense why but I just never realized it before.
I have wondered many times why it is so hard for me.  I mean it seems like everyone else can juggle all of it.  But now I can see why it is probably more of a struggle to manage, family, school, finances and time.  On one hand it makes me feel better.  That I can kind of give myself a break when it comes to the guilt of not having it all balanced properly at all times.  On the other hand it has made me think I bit off more than I can chew. 

I have homeschooled my children the past two years and this year we sent them to the local schools.  I honestly thought with all this time I would have on my hands I would be able to ride and train and amazing speeds.  Well that has not been the case.  Actually the opposite I have had very little time that I have been able to ride.  Or that I have had the motivation to go out and ride.  The weather has really been ideal but the best time to ride is in the evening.  Mornings are wet and slippery and afternoons are the hottest part of the day.  But when the kids are in school evening are just a mad house around here.  So I have not ridden much but I do feel like I make my rides I do get in count and that makes me feel better.  But over all I feel I am doing a good job atthe balancing act that is my life and am satisfied at the moment.

On to my weekend plans!  I am soooo excited that the temps are so nice and my daughter and I are trailering out in the morning to the state park to trail ride!!  This is seriously the highlight of my life being on the trails with her.  I plan to make an early day of it and hope to get down there by 8 am.  That way we can beat the heat and bugs and be home in time for an afternoon nap :)

Then Sunday we are taking the kids to a local production of the Suessical Musical and go out to dinner with friends.  I am excited about that too but the trail ride beats all!!


  1. Amy--there are precious few women your age with children who ride competitively at all. Most simply cannot afford it, and those who can, well, you're familiar with how busy they are. It's not like your made horse lives at the trainers and you can go hop on when you have a break.

    You're absolutely working harder than almost anyone out there. On the other hand, if you can handle this, you can handle ANYTHING. ;-)

  2. Things aren't impossible when you have young kids, especially when homeschooling, you just have a lot more work and definitely need people in your life that are 100% supportive of all that you do. Without my husband behind me in all it, home schooling, horses, there's no way I could accomplish it. Without my trainer that lets my boys hang out at the barn with me, I couldn't do it.

    I know a lady, exact same age as I am, that has devoted a 100% of her life to dressage and of course is a lot further in her riding than I am. But she spends seven days a week at the barn (I only go five) 9 hours a day (two for me) and she goes home to her dogs.
    She may have more time for horses but my horse can move onto another owner and be happy and fine. Our kids will only have one mom, love us forever, give us grandkids one day and take care of us when we are old.
    Besides, I'd get pretty burned out being at the barn nine hours a day!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend planned! I can't wait to hear how it goes. :)

    I couldn't imagine juggling kids and competing! I can't even imagine competing lol. You're doing a great job.

  4. Like you, I have little kids. Mine are 1 and 3. It is HARD, and more than that, it's expensive! I work four days a week and pay a babysitter, so to afford the horse I have the cheapest board possible and buy all my equipment used. Sometimes I wonder if I should give up the horse dream until my kids are older, but I just can't do it, even though it would make financial sense. Someday when we're showing and winning, it will all be worth it!


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