Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ya little sh!t!

Not Steady this time.  He has been just fine on our rides recently.  We are not going to win any awards for amazingness in our efforts but I am happy with them non-the-less.  This time it is Moonlight that was being a shit.  I didn't ride today because of the heat. I am sick of it and and sick of riding in it.  So I opt for the nicer temps to ride.  Which we have had some nice days lately.  But when switching horses from one pasture to the other this evening I thought I would jump on Moonlight bareback with a halter and lead rope and go around a bit, just for fun.  Alot of fun that was.  He was so concerned about the fact that Steady was not there and that Steady was eating that I just worked the whole time to get him going in the direction I was asking.  What a shit!  But he has such a big broad back that he is nearly impossible to fall off of, which is nice.

On another note about Moonlight.  That horse needs a grazing muzzle, BAD!  I have been looking online and I need to purchase one.  With the new pasture he is getting too fat and I really want to see him drop weight.  Then when I bring Steady in to feed he gets all nervous so I feed him in the pasture.  But that means I have to stand there the entire time fighting away Moonlight.  He is relentless when it comes to the feeding.  Moonlight needs nothing extra and even when I have tried to give him a little something to keep him busy he is such a pig he finishes in seconds and then is right back at Steady trying to sneak his food.  He will push the bucket, grab it with his teeth and pull it, knock the underside with his head to knock it off and no matter how many times you fight him off he will do what ever it takes to get back to the bucket.  It is very annoying.  But a muzzle would really help Mr. McFatty control his over indulging ways.

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  1. Sounds like Mr. McFatty needs to be haltered and tied up while Steady eats! Brat. :)

    I'm glad Steady is doing so well.


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