Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Horseback riding and Mt. Everest??

Now what could those two things possibly have in common???  There is a documentary on Netflix called Everest.  It follows a team of climbers on their journey to the top.  Sadly a group that was climbing at the same time left for the summit a few days earlier and 8 did not make it back.  1 climber made it back to camp but lost his hands, nose and other parts of his face to frost bite.  The team they were following strongly questioned whether or not to continue but decided to follow their dream of climbing to the top of the world.  I found myself asking, why in the world would these seemingly normal people sacrifice time, money and so much of their life and even risk thier life for this goal of climbing this insane mountain?  People have died before them and others injured.  The strain that is put on the body and the amount of training they have to put in to even attempt it.  The subzero temperatures they have to camp in for weeks.  And they lay life and limb on the line.  For what?  To get to the top of this mountain for just a few mere minutes because it is too cold to stay on top for any length of time. 

These are people who spend all their free time training, working, saving, sacrificing for something that will push their mind, emotions, relationships and physical well being to its ultimate limits for a dream.  Crazy people!!  I don't see any similarities in horseback riding and Mt. Everest, do you?


  1. I read a bunch of books about everest this summer. My mom asked me if I was considering doing it, and I was like, "No!! Those people are fricken nuts."

    But you're right...

  2. I had a huge grin as I read this (well not the part about people dying) because everyone is passionate about something. Something they invest a lot of hard work and emotion into. Something they are willing to risk their lives for (or at least injury). Horseback riding is definitely that for me. :)


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