Thursday, October 20, 2011

What goes up must come down, dangit.

I knew the high had to come to an end at some point.  I guess that means it might be time to unload my crap from my truck.  Yeah it is Thursday and I still haven't unpacked.  It has rained for 3 days straight and been in the 40's.  I have had the horses in most of the time except an hour here and there when the rain stops.  I don't want them to be cold but after going out this morning and seeing what they did, I say screw it if they want to be so damn destructive then they can freeze their asses off.  The have started eating wood over the last few weeks and started with my board fence in the pasture and frankly I felt like shish kabobing them.  Well now they decided that eating their stalls would be fun.  I went out this morning and they had eaten/torn up 3 board of their stall.  Steady and Moonlight have a shared wall.  My guess is they were both having at it, to do that much damage over night.  Now I have about a 3 and half foot wall between them and Moonlight has his fat head over the wall eating Steady's hay.  The rain is not supposed to stop until tomorrow but they are going to just have to deal with it.  It is their own damn fault and I don't have time or money to go out today and get materials to fix it.  Not to mention how pissed my husband is going to be that MY horses have destroyed something that will make him spend more if HIS money.  UGH, not a good day so far.

Not to mention the house is a mess and I could care less about cleaning it.  Then I found an old riding buddy on facebook and after looking at her page I just feel shitty.  It is silly, I know, but sometimes it is reality that I have a temporary pity party.  She appears to have the perfect life, she is gorgeous, had a career in show jumping training, until she recently got married and then moved to Australia.  I am sooo happy for her and she is such a genuinely sweet person and I would expect nothing less in her life.  And she deserves it.  But it did make me feel like my life of overwhelming responsibility at times seem to be not as glamorous.  Ok done with that.  I know it is not reality and I do love my life and that it probably has way more to do with this unrelenting rain putting me in a crappy mood.

In other less self loathing news.  Elaina and Macy are both riding in their very first pony club games clinic this Saturday!  I am super excited and so are they.  I found this laying around the other day.  It was written by my 8 year old and I thought it was so cute and proof of how special this is to her.

Art work courtesy of my 6 year old Macy.  I find pictures like this littered all around my entire house at all times.  Very much contributing that mess that I spoke of.

Then Sunday the Dangerous Duo(me and Karen) meet up again to audit the Peter Atkin's cross country clinic!  Go Henny Go!


  1. Hey...I say you have the perfect life if you get to audit a Peter Atkin's clinic!!! I am with you on the rain - I get upset because I have to ride in the indoor arena (of which I SHOULD be thanking my lucky stars I have available). Have fun this weekend and so sweet words from your little one :)

  2. Hey Kelly we are meeting up in Indy Sunday morning and driving down to Springville, IN. You and Lex can always joing us!!! It only costs $20 and that includes lunch.

  3. This is much better news than I was expecting. I thought you'd say the rain leaked into your trailer and destroyed your saddle or something awful. Boards aren't cheap, but they are readily available, thankfully. Glad you and yours are well. :-)

  4. SB you are VERY right it could be WAY worse. I guess it is time to get over myself.

  5. yeah there is still crap in my truck, too. And lets not talk about the state of horror my trailer dressing room is in. all this cold rain has made me want to do nothing but curl up in my bed and watch episodes of Greys. So I feel ya sister. Horse show hangover.

  6. If my husband wasn't having surgery tomorrow I'd meet ya in Indy and go to the clinic too!

    Hey.. frustrated with your boys.. look at those ribbons and medals you won! Well, ok - still frustrated but smiling!


  7. Horse show hangover is right!

    Jeni: that would be awesome. Surely your husband can drive himself home after surgery, right? ;) You know I am not so much frustrated with them but the whole situation. I hate to see them out there cold and wet. I cannot get the stalls fixed for a couple days and I don't know how to remedy the problem because I can't go replacing boards everyday when they can chew through 3 a day. I am not mad at them. They are the sweetest guys I could ever ask for and they prove it over and over. I guess that is why it bugs me so much to look out the window and see them out in the rainy cold weather, poor guys.

  8. bad bad horseys. I find a few of those pictures around my house, too:)

  9. Oh my goodness those pictures and letter are so cute!!

    That sucks about the barn, but better the barn than the horses lol. I get so sick of going outside wondering what injury I'll find next haha. I can't wait for Chrome to mature out of this, well I hope he does hehehe. I hope it isn't too expensive to fix. :)


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