Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pony Club and I should have married a preacher man!

We went to our first Pony Club meeting just to observe and to find and see the facility that we will be meeting. We meet about 30 minutes from where we live. Which isn't bad but fuel costs and driving there at least 2 x's a month it will start to add up quickly. I personally don't think it is that big of a deal to spend $100 in fuel a month for Pony Club but my husband is NOT happy about all of it. So it now appears that I will not be joining Horsemasters and instead will try and find a ridesharer to split the fuel costs with us. I know there is one girl that can't come to alot of meeting because she has no way of hauling her horse. So I will be getting in touch with her to see if she is up for me hauling her horse if she pays half the fuel expenses. Not a perfect situation but it works and I know down the road I will be able to join. But after getting to the facility I instantaneously started drooling and turning green. No I was not coming down with some terrible stomach virus no I just broke one of the 10 commandments; Do not covet. A little background this facility is a ministry. I have no idea what exactly that means but what I do know is that they offer classes each week for any child wanting to learn about nature, horses and they have a Equitherapy program. And get this on Sunday morning the arena is converted into a church! Crazy right? When you say ministry I immediately think a halfway decent barn with a small indoor arena barely scraping by. Ah HEM...that was NOT the case, they seem to do alright. Here is the website, they don't have photos of things like the knotty pine stalls, well actually the entire building is done in the knotty pine floor to ceiling. Even the bathrooms look like they belong in a Ritz hotel. They have a full size dressage arena, well just read about all it offers on the website. But the website does not tell you about $100,000 horses that are donated to them. He showed us a couple newly donated ones. First was a 18 HH 12 yr old Oldenburg that won world show jumping 4'6" division. And a 7 yr old Appaloosa(prettiest and sweetest app I ever saw) that just last year won World show jumping 4' division! I was just blown away. Outside of some of the racing facilities down in KY I have never seen a barn/church like this. Now I am dying to ride in that arena...boohoo I guess I just get to watch my daughter ride in it. But even still I am glad that she gets to have this experience. If you are a horse person and you don't go to church you just might be converted after stepping foot in this

My daughters Pony Club debute will be a games clinic on Oct 22nd!  Can't wait!


  1. Wow! 255 acres for horses and riding! I am drooling and green with envy also! Can't wait to read your post about the games clinic.

  2. I want to live there lol. I'm soooo excited for your daughter!!


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