Sunday, October 30, 2011

Changing it up, 3 Foot video I promised and blogger is a PITA!

I am LOVING the fall!  It has been such a great fall and though I know it will come to an end soon I am trying to enjoy every last minute.  Not having competition or clinics or what not on the horizon it has relieved some pressure of completely focusing on Steady.  I have been itching to get out and drive the mini's.  We have two mini's both great at pulling a cart but sometimes we get so caught up in riding that driving gets neglected.  Having all the fields around us harvested I saw an opportunity to take a nice fall drive with the girls.  We took Snappy cause that boy is one tough ass mini and I knew he would have no problem hauling our butts through bumpy fields even in his out of shape state.  The girls and I harnessed him up and got on.  One girl on each side of me and the littlest one on my lap(our normal family driving spots).  We drove about 1 1/2 miles and Snappy was not hurting for gas, that boy can go.  He did fairly well considering I can't even remember the last time he has been driven.  Maybe spring, or maybe last year??  He is definitely not a beginner horse and takes an experienced driver but with an experienced person he is a fun horse.  He only balked at the miniature poodle about 50 ft from us.  He was sure he was a horse eating poodle and would not take his eye off of him.  He HATES dogs and has every right to but I will not go into that story now.  We had a lovely ride out through our field across the street then down the road a little to another field and back again.  Beautiful day, great time with my daughters and fun with horses what more can you ask for.  I didn't get any driving pictures as I was the driver and it was neccissary for me to keep both hands on the lines at all times with the fiesty bugger but here are some cute sweaty mini after shots.

I rode yesterday and today.  Both nice rides.  Steady was very UP both days and he was having moments of flipping me the bird while hauling ass in the direction of the pasture with the other horses.  But he is a horse and well what can you do.  I look at it as, this too shall pass and am not too worried about it.  The rest the ride besides his f'u' moments are quite lovely with his upness(that is not a word but its all I got) he is giving me some beautiful dressage movements.  Some great moments of rounded back cantering through and right into the contact.  Nice leg yields at the trot and turns on the forehand at the walk.  I even got a nice walk/canter transition when I asked.  NICE!  So over all I am happy.  Also in attempt to post that video of him jumping 3 ft as I promised I also jumped.  I talked my husband into coming out and video taping some of our jumps.  I am kinda disappointed with his effort but he was out there doing it so I cannot complain.

If you care to watch Steady and I jump 3 ft here are some videos.  I debated and decided to post the good the bad and the ugly.  I mean we need to keep it real, right?  Though it really bothers me to watch myself screw up on tape especially when it is at the expense of my horse.  It frustrates me beyond words to see my mistakes interfere with his ability to jump.  But we are where we are and make no claims of being perfect so it is what it is.  The only way I can improve is to first see the flaws, next acknowlege them and then make the needed steps to improve in it.  And video's are a great way to see the flaws.
Over all the Pros are; My leg is kick ass! Doesn't budge always forwad and never slides back=safe safe safe. My release is improved and my had are going forward to release. I pretty much am in great balance after take off. Steady is just kick ass. He is point, shot and jump and is so fun! Overall Cons; Oh man pull up a chair...Ugh I struggle too much with climbing up his neck at take off. I throw my upper body too far forward and Peter would be scolding me. I am jumping with way too short of reins and too often I see my arms straight out trying to release and still pulling on his mouth more than I would like to see. There are some times I hold him off the jumps and couple times it makes him take an insanely long spot. Steady's Cons too strong. I can pretty much regulate his strength before the jump because I will not take a jump he is hauling ass to but upon landing he can get carried away.

#1 at 2'9" Throwing myself at his neck at the base of the jump.

#2 at 2'9" Improved and did not throw myself at his neck but reins are too short and I believe the cause of hitting the pole behind.

#3 at 2'9" Not pretty. I am holding him off and send a bad signal by leaning forward both resulting in a long spot.

#4 at 2'9" Peter would be happy with my upper body :) I am very happy with my position on the jump. Every thing is great except my reins should be longer...grr.

#1 at 3 ft Taking that long spot resulting in the down rail.   I was probably holding him off so I am sure it was my fault.  But if I had given him his head a bit more and not had my reins so damn short I believe he could have salvaged it.

#2 at 3 ft Ugh throwing myself at his neck...poor guy.

#3 at 3 ft I can't complain here I am happy with this! Well longer reins would be good but we can pretty much just put that as a general rule on these videos and I can stop mentioning it ;) But will be worked on! But we will end on a good note. See it is not all sushine and roses. Never is with horses but it is always a challange. We had some good and not so good things and now we know where we, as in I need to work and that is why we school.
Tomorrow Sara Ivie the local County Saddle rep (also a certified saddler by the Master Saddler Acc. and a good reputation)is coming out to evaluate(try to sell my cheap ass a saddle) but I am looking to pretty much gain knowledge.  She contacted me out of the blue and said she was going to be out my way.  And just a couple weeks ago I noticed some white hairs coming through on Steady's back behind his withers.  I started really studying his back after that and the GREAT news is he is officially not hollow behind the withers anymore.  After a year and a half he has finally started to build some muscule on his back.  The BAD news is that is going to cause for some adjusting when it comes to the saddle again(rolls eyes).  But I am not all that upset over the ordeal because he does not seem sore.  I figure we can just work to remedy the problem until we find a fix. But then Sara contacting me I felt was a sign that now would be a great time to have him fit since his body is finally starting to change for the better and not in that weird, need to build muscule-I know it's going to change-why find a perfect fitting saddle phase anymore!!!  Yay!!!  I am really looking forward to it!

Lastly, and if you made it this far I am impressed.  Blogger is pissing me off!  There I said it, I have been holding that in and it felt good to get it out.  WTH is wrong with blogger?  I cannot comment on half the blogs I love and follow and this has been going on for months now.  And the ones I can I have to go about it in the most annoying not simple way ever.  It bugs the heck out of me because I love to comment on my most favoritest blogs.  Then the last two posts blogger says not one person has read them.  Now I wouldn't blame anyone for not reading my rants well written thoughts but it also says that people are coming to my page but no one is reading any posts?  I just think it is weird.  No readers no comments nothing.  I am guessing it is a blogger issue and not just that I some how pissed everyone off and no one is readin anymore.  Or at least I hope thats not the case.  Grrrr I hate blogger.  Is anyone else having these problems?  And if so have you been able to fix any of them?  Sorry to end on a bad note.  At least the first 3/4 of the post was positive :)


  1. I'm definitely still reading! That sounds really frustrating. I've heard a few complaints about Blogger over the last few weeks and I'm glad I decided on Wordpress.

  2. I'm still reading and have been having similar issues. I can comment on some but not others? very annoying!

  3. Well, I didn't comment on the cow post, mostly because I never saw it :-) but I did comment on the post with Peter teaching the skinny - great post and vids - and now I see that there is nothing there.
    Don't know what to tell you. I haven't had any problems with Blogger lately, unless the disappearing comment is on my end, but a few months ago I had a terrible time with it. It seems to gum up for some people when they are making big system wide changes. I can't deal with Wordpress, tried it twice, so I will just stay here.
    The last jumping video on this post is nice!

  4. You will have a great experience with Sara Ivie - Riva and I had our appt with her a few weeks ago. Fingers crossed that I will be ordering Riva a lovely County dressage saddle tomorrow. (selling an SUV that we no longer need) Sara spent over an hour and a half with us - evaluting Riva and trying different saddles.

  5. I still read!! I'm glad I'm not having your blogger issues--those sound really annoying. Have you tried using a different browser? I switch back and forth between chrome and mozilla--sometimes chrome is a pain and won't cooperate even with google-related sites.

  6. Barbara, by never saw it do you mean it didn't show up in the feeds? Because I have noticed that I have missed some posts on blogs but I know I went through the feeds and never saw them there. I am curious if that is happening. I also had disappearing comments a week ago or so. Thanks for the jump compliment.

    Kelly she was great and now I am wishing I had an extra car laying around to sell. Well I could sell my husbands car but I have a feeling that would not go over well. A new saddle is definitely farther down the road for me :(. She spent 3 hours at my house!! She was very thorough.
    SB, I think I may go ahead and try a new browser. Hopefully that will fix the problems.

    Thanks guys for letting me know you are still here!!

  7. I'm still here, just waaaaay behind! I had over 300 blog posts to read and now have it down to less than one hundred. Sorry it has taken me so long to get this way. The letter S is pretty far down the list lol. I use Mozilla and haven't been having any problems with Blogger if that is any encouragement.

    Your daughter with the mini is so cute! I wish I knew how to drive and also how to teach a horse to drive because I would love to teach Chrome how to. It looks like so much fun! And probably a lot less scary with a mini lol.

    I thought you looked great with the jumps. If you hadn't pointed out the faults I probably wouldn't have even noticed them. :) Videos are a great way to find faults and fix them though. Don't be too hard on yourself. I think you're doing wonderful.


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