Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's all about me from here on out!

Anytime I have something on the horizon for myself, i.e. horse show as the day draws closer to me leaving the more the stress starts to build.  It is not stress about the show itself.  It is the insurmountable list that starts to form as soon as Mom needs to leave.  I don't write much about the rest of my life on here but I tend to try to do the work of 5 people because life is way too easy if I don't,  Hahaha.  So on the list this week Monday: teach a friend how to milk her goat, ride a friends horse for her because she is afraid to. Tuesday: pick up feed, saw dust, hay, plan meals for the family for while I am gone, grocery shop, squeeze in a ride, take daughter to the dr. Wednesday: work, make cheese, freeze 10 heads of cauliflower, do laundry, ride, wash saddle pads.  Thurday: take Steady to the farrier, go to dentist app., give riding lesson, and the day is not half over yet.  All that on top of the everyday cleaning, making dinner, milking the goat, taking care of the horses, kids homework. 

So on Monday looking at the to do list is completely overwhelming and, the show, though, I want to be the first thing on my list is so far down the list that I don't even know how I will get to it.  But I am happy to say that with some good planning and ALOT of work as of now it is all about me!  I have everything done that I need to and I can spend the rest of the day getting everything ready for the show.  Like cleaning tack, packing cloths, packing the truck, YAY!  So now the stress has past and excitement is setting in, for this weekend.  Up until now I haven't been ready to talk about it but now I am ready!

I leave tomorrow hopefully before 4 pm and make the 2 hour drive to Edinburgh, IN to Hoosier Horse Park.  Steady's stall will be next to Hamptons from Contact and I am greatly looking forward to finding some mischief to cause with Karen!!!!  I also hope to meet Kelly from Princess Diva Diaries.  She is not in the same barn since she will be in the dressage barn but I hope to find her.  And of course a big highlight will be XC schooling the great course at HHP.   I will most likely be camping out in the truck overnight on Friday and heading home Saturday evening.

I am in the Beginner Novice horse Combine Training.  I ride at 10:49 for my dressage test and 1:45-2:45 for Stadium.  I was unsure whether or not to enter BN horse or rider division.  I asked one person but she didn't give me a clear cut answer.  So since I didn't know I entered BN horse.  Looking over the ride times I started recognizing some names in my division.  Names of riders that were WAY better than me.  Nad Noon to name one.  Then it occured to me that in choosing that division I put myself up agaist WAY steeper competition, UM, SCARY!!!

I am not stressed about it or anything.  It is just a schooling show.  We are going for experience and fun and no matter what I can make sure those two things are accomplished.  Ribbons are nice though :) But my decision ensured that I will NOT be coming home with one.  No biggy.


  1. You are just like me. I also look at the other entrants and think DAMMIT I know they are better than me. So much for a good ribbon! But I think that's toxic thinking. Just ride like no one is watching! :)

  2. Haha, yeah. As I understand it, BN Horse means competent rider, green horse and BN Rider means green rider, mildly competent horse.

    However, I'm not an expert by any means. ;-) Oh well. It's no disgrace to be 2nd to the pros anyways.

  3. That's exactly right Aimee the problem came when I had to choose between and incompetent rider and horse...haha Karen and I are just gonna help make the pros look good ;)

  4. Good luck!! Personally I think they should have a Double BN, horse AND rider with limited experience at the level! Should they cut some slack to us adult amateurs trying to train our own horses??? Especially if we can only afford to show once a year?? Have fun!

  5. Have fun. You and Karen try not to get into too much trouble.

  6. Ok...I feel like a blog stalker - I just wrote down your ride times and I am going to look at Karen's next! I want to watch both of you in stadium. FYI - we may be in dressage warm up at the same time - my ride time is 11:18. Look out for the devil mare :)

    Have FUN!!!

  7. Haha! Oh how I can relate. I think my list-writing formula goes something like this: Chores = time available x 3. Being a sole-charge, responsible (haha) adult makes me appreciate all the help I got from my mum at shows when I was younger. Of course, I didn't always appreciate it at the time ...

    Don't worry about being beaten by Nad Noon - focus on *riding* like Nad Noon (al la Francesca - ;) Good luck!

  8. I think a schooling show is for pushing your limits anyway so I think you made the right decision. :) Have fun at the show!


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