Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I was gonna go ride but now it must wait.

I was planning to go out and ride a few moments ago and when I looked out my window and saw this I knew my riding must wait. Steady the faithful herd leader rarely ever lays down and takes a nap. He will if he is in a stall but out in the feild with the other horses I have seen him lay down maybe 4 times. The first time I completely freaked and thought for sure he was colicking. Then felt terrible when I realized I just disturbed is rest. Today I will let him have his time sun bathing before I make my way out for a ride on this beautiful fall day.

This will be his first day back to work since Octoberfest. He had a nice long break for the last week and a half. I have been on him once for a mostly walking hack through the field as a lead for a lesson girl. Other than that he has had no work. Between the rain and cold, then being gone all weekend then getting sick right after returning there has been little time to ride and the guy deserves a break after trying his heart out for me at Octoberfest.  So get your rest my friend you deserve it.

Todays plan for the ride will be just getting him loosened up laterally, some jumping and a gallop through the field.


  1. Enjoy this beautiful day! I am so looking forward to getting out to the barn after work. Steady seems to be soaking it up :)

  2. What a considerate horse mommy :)

  3. Aww you're so sweet to let him rest. :) It looks like he sure is enjoying that sunshine. Hope you had a good ride later.


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