Monday, October 3, 2011

Catching up.

Steady had a few days off last week. He has seemed a bit grumpy when it came time to ride and with all the progress we have made lately I hate to ruin it by pushing him. One thing his first owner told me was that "Steady did the best when we let him go at his own pace". I have to believe that is true from what I have come to know of him. After a few days off I thought it would be a nice start up by going for a trail ride. Only we have no trails at our place and I wasn't hauling 35 miles yesterday. So I grabbed my daughter and we headed out to see what we could find. And lo and behold I had no idea we could have so much fun just exploring out our back door. Steady started out resistant (as usual) when heading out through our field but once we got out of our field and headed down the road he perked up and had a great big walk with ears perked, YAY! We walked to a neighboring house and asked if they owned some of the farmland right behind ours and she was a bit suprised to see two horses coming down her driveway but she informed us that the property is actually owned by and amish man that lives in PA. Strange, right? Anyways she said she didn't care if we just walked the edges of the fields and the owner wouldn't know the difference seeing he is hundreds of miles away. So we just went exploring and had such a glorious time.  The weather was gorgeous, the sun was shining, the air was fresh and the fall colors just starting to show themselves. 
 Steady following the leader

 My bestest riding buddy and her bestest friend.
 Me and my Buddy!
 Happy boy!

 Relaxed and happy!!!  Head low, ears forward, sun shining doesn't get better!

 We walked that green path through the middle of all of the soybeans.  It went way back through acres and acres.  It was a perfect path for riding.
 The veiw back toward the house from our field. 
 Peanut gallery came to greet us on our way back.  I loves me some cute little mini butts!
(see our barn in the back?  well I spent today working on sprucing it up a bit, that is in a post still to come)
 Elaina pulling burrs out of Moonlights tail that we picked up on our ride.  She is so engrossed she hasn't even noticed her horse has gotten himself untied and is grazing away.  And Mom just stands the laughing and taking pictures waiting for her to notice.

So my plan worked.  He enjoyed his ride and today we went back to work.  He was happy and compliant.  We had some great leg yeilding at the walk and trot.  A few turns on the forehand each direction.   Nice balanced canter with good 20 meter circles.  All turning done with leg/body only no rein steering(big change for this trained HJ).  And with a couple revelations about my first training with former instructor in dressage and what true dressage is I have been making changes in the amount of contact I take up with him.  But that is a whole other topic.  We jumped a bit only 2' but point was to get him listening and me to keep my shit together.  I don't know if it is just me but some days are just 'off' for me when it comes to jumping and I find myself repeating over and over again Peters words, "Sit up, Kick up, Stand up" and it makes a world of difference.  Speaking of Peter I am planning to audit a clinic of his on the 22nd!  Wish I could be riding it in but it is the next best thing.  I am LOVING this weather!!!  Ok now we are all caught up!


  1. They're so much happier when we mix it up occasionally! Glad you found a good place to ride close to home.

  2. Just what the doctor ordered! A trail ride is exactly what I suggested in the last post. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get caught up on your blog. I've missed ready about you and Steady. Have fun at the clinic. Sometimes auditing can be more educational than riding in my humble opinion.


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