Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are you calling me a horse??? Why, thank you.

How am I like my horse?  I think I am like Steady in just as many ways as I am not.  In our determination, competitive nature, never giving up, high pain tolerence and work ethic we are all but identical.  We could be dangerous together working toward a goal,

In his stoic personality, his steady temperment,  his level headedness those are traits I do not possess.

Mostly though in his guarded heart we are the same.  It is not that he does not possess the ability to love or be loved.  If I had to guess it is more of the past disappointments in his life that have caused him to be gaurded.  That there were those in his past that he trusted and gave his heart to and they took that precious gift and abused it.  They didn't return the love or they left him standing alone when he thought they would be there for him forever.  It is not that he doesn't contain the ability to love or be loved because I have had the rare priviledge to feel his love.  It is not that he cannot trust because he has placed that fragile gift of his trust in my hands.  It is quite the oposite we are both creatures that to most of the world seem tough, cold, indifferent but to those few souls in this life that we trust with our hearts they are the only ones who truely understand the depths and lengths that our love goes.

Ok seriously didn't even mean to go there I just thought this would be a light hearted personaity analysis and that was extremely powerful and deep.  Excuse me, I need to go kiss a horse.

Thanks to those who posted this.  I don't even know who the originator was but I first read it at A Year With Horses and also at Opening Up the Chord and Counting Strides and  A Fearsome Beauty.


  1. Very true isn't it...go kiss that horse! :) Having your OTTB's heart is THE.BEST.FEELING.

  2. Lovely - give that horse lots of kisses!

  3. So glad you guys are together (with your fab trot work!!). Love these posts.


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